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    Just kidding. I never heard of a lot of those cards. The only one listed that I played with in any reasonable capacity is Equilibrium. I bought a playset about the time I started getting back into Magic because of it's combo potential with EtB creatures, though I can't remember the exact combo I was trying to pull off. I built a UG deck with it, but was disappointed in the results.
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    False Dawn is an interesting one. Not something I usually think of when looking for combo components. The card is obviously based on Celestial Dawn, which I included on this list as the representative from Mirage. I hadn't thought about it, but False Dawn probably has more utility in combo decks than Celestial Dawn.

    Well, I guess it's a good sign that my list of cards I didn't use consist mostly of obscure cards. At least, that appears to be true for the oldest sets. We'll see if the trend holds as we get into less ancient stuff.

    I mentioned that I associated Equilibrium with other powerful Exodus enchantments that were infamous in competitive Magic. I forget how or why I came to that conclusion, but because of that, I didn't pay any attention to it for the Casual Card Hall of Fame. I nominated Spellbook, just because I'd used it a lot and everything else that looked good was also notoriously overpowered. It was a rehashed Library of Leng using only the boring ability and not the cool one, but it was free. Not really that interesting. When the Committee chose to induct Mogg Assassin, a card I don't like at all, they made a note about how disappointed they were with the quality of the nominations from the set, citing Equilibrium as an example of the kind of card they'd expected to see. I was going to rebut that I was disappointed with the quality of their stupid faces, but I held back because I was embarrassed for not having nominated Equilibrium, a card that's way more interesting than Spellbook.
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    I think Spidey held your article for the week in retaliation for all those mean things you said about Wizards. Pretend to be less critical so we can see more!
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    In my experience, Spiderman is merely forgetful, not retaliatory. :p
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    My bad! I know, I know... it was forgetfulness, brought on by a fairly busy and short week. I'll get one up today and if I remember :rolleyes:, one on Friday.
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    I have never used or played against any of those cards. They are a window of time in Magic outside my experience, and I am curious to compare that to the next set chronologically.
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    My prediction for the Starter set was about right. I have already built and played with a Canadian Highlander goblins deck at a local game store. I have drawn the card, but I don't think I've cast it yet. My record is poor but I'm just starting out in the format. Looking into some more powerful deck options.
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    I have a story that contains two of those cards, and it happens to be central to my return to this very website. When Hedron Crab came out, I was both interested and amused. A small blocker on turn 1 that also has nuisance value? Sign me up!

    This was the first year I was teaching Magic to kids after school, finding the rhythm of what we should play, what the spectrum of interest and skills were, et cetera. My Hedron Crab deck was amusing and almost always a contender while also almost always losing just when an opponent library state was looking dire.

    Me being me, I thought my perennial thought - "What if one were to add recursion?" Thus was born what the kids nicknamed, "Wombo Combo." It would turn out to be the first version of four, each in a different color (the others were blue [Fabricate Krark-Clan], red [Reforge the Soul!], and white [never actually introduced because it is too powerful for the current meta and too pricey to build outside proxy - Enduring Renewal with X artifacts and Altar of the Brood]).

    This is the version I gave as a graduation present to one of my favorite students, who was always patient and willing to test my wacky ideas:

    24 Swamp

    4 Heartless Summoning
    4 Myr Retriever
    4 Beseech the Queen
    4 Bitter Ordeal


    In time, Altar of the Brood would be released and become the de facto mill strategy for my designs, but Bitter Ordreal has an appeal and a power all its own. Particularly useful in going after specific sideboarded cards and combo pieces opponents might rely on before your own combo is in place. This deck, and the blue version 2 deck, saw a lot of play over two and a half years. We retired and disassembled version 2 just before Krark-Clan made a reappearance in Modern tournaments fairly recently, so that will probably be an interesting rebuild and compare for the future. And all of that comes back to the adorable and occasionally infuriating Hedron Crab.

    In other news, Leyline of Sanctity is my favorite card that I have never gotten to play (because prices for Modern cards that do powerful things is ridiculous).
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    Most of my group, including myself, got around to making Pyromancy decks at some point. I have one now (though I never play it), which features Pyromancy and Galvanoth and a bunch of Delve spells, plus Searing Wind.
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    Well, in addition to Goblin Settler, I suppose that I can check another one off the list. I just played Pack Rat in one of the forum games against Spidey. In that game, it wound up being a 1/1 creature the whole time, but that's beside the point!
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    I am currently playing an Indestructible Hatebears homebrew and really liking it (Knight Exemplar + Angelic Overseer). Was going to use Grand Abolisher copies, then saw that they have shot up past the price for my budget themed decks. Thanks to your theory feedback though, I can confirm that playing even a single copy of Grand Abolisher (in Balefire) rocks :)

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