Dominaria Frame, Template, and Rules Changes

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    Of course I remember the separator bar from Portal. I never really thought that Magic cards needed such a thing. Pretty sure that if a 7-year-old kid (or younger) can recognize the difference between rules text and flavor text, which I've observed in action, then it's not really a point of confusion.

    I do not like the new legend frame.

    Note that they're not changing the rules regarding the mana pool, just omitting its existence from the rules text on cards that produce mana. Not sure how hiding a vital structure of the game rules from new players is supposed to make things more clear.

    I do not approve of the singular usage of "they." It is grammatically incorrect. I'm amused to learn that Aaron Forsythe thinks "no one actually talks that way." I wasn't aware of the fact that I don't exist. :rolleyes:

    I have no opinion on "this spell."

    I have to admit that eliminating the planeswalker redirection rule makes sense. When it comes to cleaning up the rules, I can't really argue against that change. My qualm is that just last year, they got rid of the planeswalker uniqueness rule. These changes indirectly make all planeswalker cards more powerful. Yeah, it was a new card type and they had to do some weird stuff to make the rules work. It seems entirely reasonable to refine that. But planeswalkers didn't need a boost, and now they've just received two.
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    I like the new legend frame, dislike the separator bar and lack of mana pool clarity (so many decks float mana before casting that his argument otherwise feels ridiculous), and remain distant from planeswalkers as a card type despite nothing changing about how I deal with them (sweepers in the form of damage or exile).

    Dominaria has mostly cemented my intention to retire for another 14 year cycle... :)
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    I'm a big booster of the singular they. If it's good enough for Chaucer, it's good enough for me.
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