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Contest Entry - Greatest Good
By David Zadok Stroud
4 Greater Good
4 Endless Wurm
4 Rancor
3 Weatherseed Treefolk
2 Alter of Dementia

Mana Acceleration!
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Priest of Titania
4 Rofellos, Llanowar Emmissary

Other (Removal, defense, etc...)
4 Plow Under
2 Worldly Tutor
1 Vitalize
2 Creeping Mold
1 Concordant Crossroads
1 Abundance

--40 cards

2 Gaea's Cradles
20 Forest

--62 cards

[SIDENOTE]Yes, this is different from other versions of the same deck I've posted. It changes based on my mood, and what I can remember. I have never written down a finalized, 'official' version, so what I call Greater Good is very much variable. :-) Live with it.[/SIDENOTE]

Meet Greater Good, my signature deck. It revolves mostly around Greater Good (duh), and very, VERY big creatures, in this case Weatherseeds and Wurms. In essence, the deck tries to play a fattie, sack it for cards, play more fatties, sack THEM for cards, and eventually win by throwing fatties through Alter of Dementia. It _is_ largely a combo deck, but is capable of winning by pure creature beatdown if the decking approach fails miserably.

Rancor is the key to the entire deck, letting me sack creatures for more cards than it could otherwise get me. And, like Weatherseeds, it comes back from the dead to be used again and again. It also makes a nice little combo with the Wurms, which is main creature threat in the deck. Somehow, a Wurm with Rancor tends to inspire a suprising number of Terrors, and even one or two Vendettas...

The rest of the deck is mostly self-explanitory, I've written all the explanations more times than I care to... So I'll skip it here.

Questions? Want a full explanation? Email me at

--Zadok001, aka Greater Good fanatic
CPA Founder
"We have more sprouts than they have hands."

----------David Zadok Stroud (Yep, that's my real middle name...)

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