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Articles: Decks
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Article Name Author Date
"... Is Fear Itself." Jeff Boes May 9, 2005
   "There's nothing like the feeling when your opponent plays their Big Threat (TM), and you can answer it, turn after turn."
Making it Work (7): Credit Voucher arjan van Houwelingen April 18, 2005
Making It Work (6): Ice Cave Douwe Terluin April 5, 2005
   "If someone utters "Maybe we could go to the beach today?", the rest of the gang are instantly packed and ready to go."
Making It Work (5): Mindless Automaton Douwe Terluin March 11, 2005
   "The others were boasting about their networth and stock-portfolio; this humble metallic man was still making minimum wage..."
Making It Work (1b): Dreamborn Muse Douwe Terluin February 8, 2005
   "After I drew my second Advocate all the other players were back in the game."
Making it Work (4): Umezawa's Jitte Arjan van Houwelingen February 3, 2005
   "Having a bunch of counters on the equipment sends out a strong signal: send that Sengir Vampire my way and it won't live to tell the tale."
Making It Work (3): Barl's Cage Douwe Terluin January 25, 2005
   "Did he really just mess up TheDeck.dec?"
Making It Work (2): Strands of Night Arjan van Houwelingen (Jorael) January 13, 2005
   "Some of my card choices might be inferior, but I preferred playing with a deck that has a few surprising cards."
Making It Work: Dreamborn Muse Douwe Terluin January 4, 2005
   "I can hear you shouting "CRANIAL EXTRACTION!""
Here, Hold This... Stephen O. Bahl August 4, 2004
   "Looking for a new trick to surprise and annoy friends (or enemies)? ...then consider HHT, my (very) budget version of the infamous Necro-Donate."
My first PT event.... Tony Lyskawa July 23, 2004
   "There are a lot of Artifacts that are annoying in Constructed right now so I need equal hate."
Purple Beast Jeff Boes July 13, 2004
   "I know at least one reader missed me, because he hunted me down online to ask why I hadn't submitted another screwball deck."
Relentless Pony Stephen O. Bahl June 16, 2004
   "I cast Opalescence and about 15 Snowfalls, then cast Chaos Charm on each one and attacked an opponent who was at 20."
The Best Creature in Type 1: Goblin Welder Tony Lyskawa June 9, 2004
   "My current Type 1 tournament deck is one card away from being a Type 2 deck, only because Goblin Welder was not reprinted."
The Gray Council Jeff Boes May 13, 2004
   "Online, where I have accumulated scads of commons and a modest amount of uncommons through mad eBay skillz"
The Orgg's Submission for: SeFRo's Cub Contest. Jensen Bohren May 10, 2004
   "Without any other cards, the Golden Cub is a very weak varient of Serra Angel"
Level Best, a T2-legal Leveller deck Jeff Boes April 29, 2004
   "Make no mistake, this is a one-trick pony deck"
Manamanamana! Jeff Boes April 22, 2004
   "I really ought to have Blaze in here, but -- gulp -- would you believe I don't own any?"
Four Out Of Five Dentists Jeff Boes April 14, 2004
   "Okk, for instance, is one of those cards that just makes you want to cry"
Deck Building (Sligh) Mike J. Solymossy February 17, 2004
   "there you have it SeFRo, I wrote an article!"
Build a Better Burn Deck Stephen O. Bahl February 10, 2004
   "Playing Ball Lightning second turn is one example"
A Flaw in The Game: The 100% 1st Turn Kill Kenneth Nagle January 27, 2004
   "The truth of the matter is: Paper beats Rock AND Scissors if the environment is fast enough."
The Multiplayer Combo that Nobody Likes Kevin C. Callahan August 7, 2003
   "When I first saw this card, I thought what everyone else thought. CRAP!"
Do what thou Wish Dan Freagarthach February 24, 2003
   "With your Living Wish spells you can play a Sliver Queen with a Victual Sliver and an Acidic Sliver, determining the fate of everything and everyone at the table"
Cheap New Monoblue Deck Andrew Bujorian February 24, 2003
   "I love watching this deck obliterate all control-style decks"
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