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  • Buymorecards Trading Card Warehouse - Magic the Gathering, Singles, Sets, Sortable Search & Images
  • Card Kingdom - Online store
  • Card Shark - Online Store
  • Casual Magic the Gathering - Very casual site with articles, card shop, & general descriptions of all the M:TG books.
  • CCG Realms Forums - Another great Forum website, sporting M:TG, L5R, and many more.
  • - A place for online drafting with bots and other players.
  • Cobra Cards - No longer valid link - delete 01/26/09
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  • CrystalKeep - Oracle and General Rulings
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  • EMTGO Auctions - New MTG auction site with a lot of potential. Please give it a try.
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  • Magic Online Trading League - Magic articles, store, and price guide
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  • Wizards of the Coast - Home of Magic: TG and other games
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