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My First Prerelease
By Eric Chima
Hey, this is Apollo from the message board. On the boards, I encouraged other people to write about their experiences in the Prophecy prerelease. So, when I ended up going myself, I felt obligated to write about my own experience.

First of all, I went 4-2, good enough to win 1 pack of Prophecy. It was my first sealed deck tournament ever, so I'm pretty proud of how I did.

The night before the tournament, my parents had some people over for dinner. We didn't eat until 9:30, and once we did, these people wouldn't leave. So I didn't end up getting to sleep until around 2 in the morning, like a real tournament player

Once my friends and I got there, after some frantic searching (pun intended), we waited about an hour and a half to get our cards. We finally did, and I was ready to call it a day after one glance at them. It was horrible. I had only two creatures 3/3 or bigger. Only two! Plus, one was in white, which had no other playable cards. I ended up basing my deck around tricky cards like Sustenance and a few Spellshapers. It was three colors and had a lot of mediocre removal like Dehydration and Sand Squid. I fully expected to go 1-3 drop.

According to the store owner, one of the players there was ranked number two in the world in composite ranking, which was kinda scary.

I won't go into a full report, but I got slaughtered round one, along with all of my friends. After that, I proceeded to go on one of the luckiest winning streaks in the history of Magic. I won one round when the first game went all the way into extra turns. I was about to run out of cards on the third extra turn, when he, at 3 life, cast Vendetta on a 3/3. He thought he could prevent the damage. I won another when my opponent kept a 0-land hand in the third game. He had a hand of one or two mana drops, that should have slaughtered me. He didn't draw a land until the eighth turn. I won another when my opponent kept forgetting to pay for Rhystic Study and let me draw insane amounts of cards. In this winning streak I won 8 games, and 5 of them ended with me saccing 7 or 8 lands to Sustenance to finish them off. I was so lucky.

Anyway, I knew my deck was awful, and I wasn't likely to win the 6th and final round. 4-2 would win 1 pack, and 5-1 would win 9. So I offered to draw with my opponent and get 5 apiece. He agreed, and we went to report it. At this point, the judge announced we would be repaired. My new opponent said "I came to play." With visions of Pikula flashing through my head, I proceeded to get slaughtered by a deck that could have done well in a constructed tournament. It almost could have been mono-black, but he threw in some red just because he had 4 burn spells and all kinds of huge creatures. So I got one pack, and had to be happy with that (which I am). Ironically enough, the one pack was one of the most amazing packs for sealed deck I have seen. 10 of the 15 cards were cards I would have put in any sealed deck right away. It also had as many 3/3 or better creatures as all of the cards I got for the tournament put together.

Anyway, Prophecy seemed pretty cool, and Sealed Deck is a neat format, though in my opinion too luck-based. By the time I was done, I had an intense longing to play with my well-tuned Red weenie deck. In this tournament I witnessed 3 Avatar of Woes get Briberied. By the same person! Against different opponents, no less! I also had the dubious experience of getting hit by the red
Wind in a match, though that was the only Wind successfully cast in the tournament. I had gotten two in my packs, of course.

Rebecca Guay was there, and was very nice and courteous. She wasn't being paid to be there, and she was still great about signing everyone's stack of cards, and answering questions. I don't know if all Magic artists are this nice, but she's a great person. I asked her to sign like 15 cards, and she said "Sure!" And she said it with a smile on her face, though she had been signing cards for the last two days. I can't say enough about how great she was to us.

Anyway, I asked my friends about their thoughts on Prophecy:

Dan P: It sucks, especially the Winds, and you're basically screwed out of your money if you get them. And the set needs more Elves.

Dan F: The set needs more Goblins.

We're mostly casual players, as you can tell.

Rohit: I don't know. Well, it shouldn't have stupid blue walls that can ping you every turn until you die.

Dan P.: That's Stinging Barrier. And it's from Mercadian Masques, stupid.

Rohit: Oh. Well, it's mean.

There you have it, the latest tech from my friends.

My friends bought some MLB 2000 cards there, and I played a game in between rounds. It was pretty interesting, and I'd encourage you to try it if you like baseball (sorry for this transgression).

Overall, I had a great time at the prerelease, although I didn't participate in any drafts because I wanted to spend as little money as I could. I would encourage anyone to try a prerelease, at once to see what it's like.

Eric Chima

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