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Contest Entry - Worry Beads
By Robert Pittman

I'd like to enter this deck in the contest.
First I'll give the decklist, then try to
explain what the general idea is.

4 Brainstorm
4 Vision Charm
3 Bazaar of Wonders
2 Arcane Laboratory

4 Worry Beads
2 Null Brooch
2 Soldevi Digger
1 Millstone
1 Zuran Orb
1 Grindstone
1 Black Vice

2 Enlightened Tutor
1 Balance
1 Seal of Cleansing

4 Sylvan Library
3 Gaea's Blessing
1 Abundance

10 Islands
6 Forest
4 City of Brass
3 Gemstone Mine

Some comments:

The goal is to get the Worry Beads and
Bazaar of Wonders into play. Then use cards
like Vision Charm, Grindstone, and Millstone
to cripple the opponent. It shouldn't effect
me as much since I'm only using a few copies
of several different cards. The addition of
Gaea's Blessing and Soldevi Digger is meant
to help keep cards out of my graveyard.

Null Brooch and Arcane Lab offer some control
if you can get them into play. Of course, this is kind of counter-productive to the deck but thats where the Blessing and Digger help out.

The Brainstorm is there to put a drawn
Blessing back on top of my library so it
will trigger when the Beads put it into the

The rest of the cards are for support. All
comments and suggestions are welcome.


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