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Ever thought about it?
By Ruroni Wrae Clarks
Okay, I'm depressed right now about my life, so that means I'm going to damn well complain about something and it's going to be about Yu-Gi-Oh! the card game. So anyone who likes that game, better clear out before I beat you over the head with my 10,000 lbs of USDA choice bullcrap.

that said, onto the rant!!!

Have you ever noticed the difference between YGO! and M:TG? It's almost uncanny if you don't look closely enough. With M:TG I've found that I can enter a tournament with a well tuned deck filled with cards that I've picked up for nickels and dimes and sometimes win the tournaments. I don't need to spend $20 to $100 on cards and crap for a deck to play, nor do I need to worshop some strange idol or pray that some heart of cards will grand me wishes or something when I'm playing.

I recently went to a YGO! tournament and was astounded. These kids playing were using cards that I had priced earlier to be ranking in the $10 to $30 range. These cards either cost a lot to buy as singles from someone, or they cost a lot of money to find in buying packs. To top matters off, I was finding that kids who had bought a couple packs and thrown together a deck from the commons and relatively inexpensive uncommon cards were really not being given a fair chance against these rarer cards. It was almost as if the children and persons with the smaller checkbooks had the short end of the stick entirely when playing against their opponents with cards that were always with shiny fronts.

Okay, is this coincidence or is it really how one sided this game is? I decided to take a look into the packs to see if that had anything to do with it and was flabbergasted. You spend from the cost of a normal M:TG booster up to $5 for a pack of these YGO! cards and it's only a pack half the size that of an M:TG booster to boot! I started pondering this and went out and bought myself a sampling of 15 boosters.

The verdict?

120 commons
8 uncommons
4 rares
2 super rare

And when I went to check around I found that these cards were not even worth much nor very playable. 97% of the common cards were bookmark material (i.e. throw them the oink away before they clutter your house), and the rares were really pretty bad. In fact, a couple of the rares and most of the uncommons were about as bad as the common cards!

Now is this a marketing strategy to make people buy a great many more of these packs and spend more and more money on this franchise? I think so. Wizards of the Coast© (owned by Bandai), the nice guys who distribute M:TG the card game had to boost the prices of their cards to compete with this "sensation" out of japan that is known as YGO!.

Now I have a few qualms about this entire thing, most of them pertaining to the economics of the future of the card gaming industry. I see that more and more companies in America are laying off workers, and thusly less money to those families. That is less money in the system, my friends. So we now have a problem with these people not having money to buy cards that keep getting inflated and costly because a bunch of jerks decide to find a way to swindle people.

That's all I'm going to say for now, if you want to yell at me, go ahead at:

Until next time,
Ruroni Wrae Clarks

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