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Scrubs Corner?! What is a "casual player"?
By Shawn Houtsinger
What is a "casual player"?

Hmmm, I'm starting to wonder about the true definition and how it has evolved.

If any of you have read my articles (and I apologize in advance), you'll see the title reading "Scrubs Corner". Peek inside and a collision of mistakes, grammatical errors, and horrifying attempts at humor will hit you.

In the beginning there was a young Jedi who sought power with hopes of conquering the dark side - a.k.a: my friends.
Then, one day, he met Obi-da-one. The great master of logical process and game strategy.
The Jedi spent an immense amount of energy, time, and money in hopes of being as good as his master. Then, one day, he defeated the dark side....

From where I started as a "casual player" to where I am now, are two totally different places, not just in life but in skill level. Obvioulsy the rating has changed: from a bleakful 1678 to somewhere near 1900. (Or at least it was higher before a few FNM's)
Secondly, qualifying for two PT's. Not that is amazing or anything, but it changed everything.

Now, I write for brainburst as a featured writer, and I reflect on it all....what have I or "it" changed? What if I didn't qualify? What if I couldn't build a decent deck? What if I couldn't win a FNM? What if my friends had no respect for my opinion for strategy? [Not that they do...but...]

Am I still a "casual player"? What entails it?
When I envision this stereotype, I picture a kid at home playing with his friends throwing cards around; they both pitched in to buy a box of the newest set.

"Hey! I want that Craw Wurm for MY deck!"

Or maybe the FNM player who proudly strolls in to his local store with a new Frankenstein-creation-of-a-deck. Most people shudder when they see the cards that hit the table, and others just shake their heads. He refuses to use a net.deck and thinks the best advice he can receive is his own.

But, are their still these kind of players? Surely, I would say, but how many? Do they represent the majority? Or has this definition evolved? Am I still a casual player even if I play competitively, and suceed in tournaments?

I wonder...

You see, my dear readers, I am not sure. I have no ideal answer to solve this rubic cube puzzle.

But, I ask YOU-what is it that makes a "casual player"?
-Shawn Houtsinger
The one and only,

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