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Quickie Rants: Kamagawa mechanics
By John Fu
I went to Superstars today. For those of you not from the Bay Area, it is the local card armory if you will. It has everything you could possibly need. Except shattering pulses, but that's a different story for another day.

As I was looking through the cases I saw an Arabian Nights card called King Suleiman. It's ability was to tap: destroy target effreet or djinn. It reminded me of another card called Suleiman's Legacy which had a related effect. It thought about how very narrow the card was and how useless it was in the rest of the magic universe. WOTC seemed to be going in a direction of streamlining races and classes with the advent of the onslaught block and the new system. The put out several articles explaining how they were trying to do away with random creature races. Most of this was met with a positive response by most players. The idea of being able to play more synergistic tribal decks appealed to most people including myself.

As I have been looking at the new preview cards being released on almost a daily basis on the main site. I am puzzled and troubled by some of the new mechanics coming out. Soulshift really bugs me as it is an extremely narrow mechanic that only affects on creature type and it isn't even in the mechanic keyword! It seems to me that Wizards is trading in all its old mistakes only to make a whole new slew of them.

While on the subject of new mechanics, the idea of adding subtypes to instants and sorceries is a great one in my humble opinion. My only issue with this is the fact that the powers that be do not go back and recognize the old instant and sorcery subtypes that should have a special subtype. I'm talking about cantrips, buyback, and rhystic spells. These are great examples of spells that should have subtypes because of what they do.

In short the new changes are always a bag of mixed blessings that the players wait and see if they amount to anything worth while or if they are so bad that we have to file them in the same "no no don't touch" category as homeland was.

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