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Contest entry - About face
By Aaron Duvall
Here is my deck on breaking About Face.

4x Angelic Protector
4x Task Force
4x Worthy Cause
4x Reverant Mantra
4x Shaman en-Kor
4x Nomad en-Kor
4x About Face
4x Swords to Plowshare
4x Mother Of Ruins
4x Demonic Consultation

4x City of Brass
2x Swamps
7x Plains
7x Mountains

Ok, some might say, "How does this work?" It's simple. Under 6th Edition rules this deck is sneaky and deadly. Once you have a Task Force/Angelic Protector, and one of the en-Kor creatures, you need an About Face in your hands. Now with the new rules you create "shields" to prevent or redirect damage. With an en-Kor creature you can create a redirection shield for free. The shield then targets the Task force/Angelic protector and with Task Force's/Angelic Protector's ability it gets +0/+3 when it's the target of a spell or an ability. So for free, start by building infinite shields on the En-Kor, and those shields targeting the Task Force/Angelic Protector, you can build its defense to infinite (Of course under Magic rules you need to choose a number). Once your creature has a defense of a multiple of 3 (+3,+6,+9 etc...),
you attack with the Task Force or Angelic Protector. Then you cast About Face. And if you are willing to sacrifice a Task Force or an Angelic Protector, you can use Worthy Cause to get the infinite (again, you have to choose a number) life. And finally, with Demonic Consultation and a Reverant Mantra, your creature is almost guaranteed to get through.

Well thats it. Comments are appreciated.

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