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Is WotC in violation of federal law?
By Chuck Dennewitz
Dear Online community,

It has been reported that Wizards of the coast has announced a new distribution policy for its products. If the reports are true, we believe that Wizards of the Coast is in violation of federal law, and forcing an unfair disadvantage in the distribution of their products. To quote from a page that mysteriously disappeared from their corporate website:

“Wizards of the Coast doesn’t recognize the value of individual cards; we are legally bound by current U.S. trade laws from getting involved with the after-market selling, pricing, or trading of boxes, sets, or individual cards. “After-Market” is defined as any purchase of cards after they are sold to our primary distributors - including purchases by retailers and by you the customer. …” “… Wizards of the Coast does not force retailers to charge certain prices, because it would be illegal to do so. Anti-trust laws prohibit companies from fixing or setting prices for their products. Instead, competition and the free market determine a products sale price”.

To the best of our knowledge, the laws that protect fair trade in this country did not change just to allow Wizard of the Coast to determine who is and who is not a worthy retailer. If they are allowed to dictate terms of sale at the retail level, then they, the manufacture, not the free marketplace, sets the retail climate. We too believe competition and the free market determine a products sale price. This practice, even if legal, is unhealthy for consumers and will force online retailers to raise prices, change suppliers and eventually shut down some long standing, reputable and legitimate businesses.

Therefore have formed: Morals – Magic Online Retailers Against Lost Sales. We are actively seeking retailers who have been refused delivery from distributors simply because they sell online. We are also actively seeking everyone’s opinion. Log on to our website and let us know what you think. Please do not let your voice go unheard, to find out what you can do please visit our website at: or send email to

Sincerely yours,

Chuck Dennewitz
Founder Morals

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