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My first PT event....
By Tony Lyskawa
My first Pro Tour Magic event…. I don’t know whether to be excited or scared or enthusiastic, of course it only a qualifier but I can’t help thinking big for at least a few minutes. On July 24th I will be venturing to Madison, Wisconsin (about 1.5-2 hours of driving) to compete in the Block Constructed Pro Tour qualifier. I am playing Tooth and Nail and I think I have a shot.

The Deck is:

4 Tooth and Nail
4 Oxidize
4 Sylvan Scrying
4 Reap and Sow
4 Solemn Simulacrum
2 Viridian Shaman
2 Viridian Zealot
2 Mindslaver
1 Tel-Jilad Justice

T.n.N. Creatures

1 D.S. Colossus
1 Platinum Angel
1 Leonin Abunas
1 Triskelion
1 Mephidross Vampire
1 Duplicant


15 Forest
4 Cloudpost
1 Plains
2 Stalking Stones
1 Blinkmoth Nexus


2 Tel-Jilad Justice
3 Tel-Jilad’s Chosen
1 Bringer of the White Dawn
1 Viridian Zealot
2 Viridian Shaman
2 Nourish
4 Damping Matrix

There are a lot of Artifacts that are annoying in Constructed right now so I need equal hate. I am playing lots of maindeck hate along with a SB that’s packing.

The Bringer is for a slaver lock, and the Matrix really just shuts anyone down. The chosen are for against black TurboCloud. You attack and keep attacking to throw off their strategy. Nourish is an awesome card and is for buying me time against Big Red.

T.n.N. combos

Triskelion and Vampire- remove a counter deal one damage to their creature, put the counter back on. I have a board clearing team that attacks for eight a turn.

Abunas and the Angel – The deck’s King and Queen so to say. He watches her back and she watches my back.

Duplicant and Colossus – For a quick win….Duplicant is great in a mirror match, and if I can get rid of a Cosmic Larva or something really fat while gaining its P/T without any drawback, I say Sweeeeet. The Colossus is really obvious.

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