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"Infinite" combos in formatted play
By Tony Lyskawa
“Infinite” combos are always fun! Aww….c’mon, you cannot tell me that you don’t like plopping down a few cards then watch your opponent wince as his or her library is flipped over into his or her graveyard, or they take “infinite” damage. Well the purpose of this article is to spruce up all formats with some fresh ideas some are old, while others are new…most of them…to show how fun “infinite” decks can be.

First let’s examine the word “infinite” the term is used loosely, but it has to end some time otherwise how would a game of Magic ever end? Infinite is when you can repeatedly use and effect over and over while accumulating mana or damage or whatever.

Some common forms are:

Type 1: Animate Dragon

Worldgorger Dragon and Animate Dead/Dance of the Dead/Etc.

T1: Swamp, Dark Ritual, Buried Alive, W. Dragon, W. Dragon, A. Laquatus in the Grave.
T2: Animate Dead/Dance of the Dead targeting W. Dragon, remove permanents, return lands tap them target W. Dragon, rinse repeat. “Infinite” mana is used then to funnel a torrent of your opponent’s cards going to his/her graveyard.

2x Goblin Welder, Gilded Lotus, Mindslaver, Pentavus, (some mana)

Take “infinite” turns…for both you and your opponent. I know how annoying this is first hand. Props to 13Nova for this awesome tech. With a Pentavus, 2x Goblin Welder in play and some land in play, create a Pentavite, weld a it for G. Lotus, then tap the Lotus and weld for a Mindslaver, tap one more mana, sacrifice Mindslaver to take your opponents turn. Keep repeating until your opponent submits from boredom or you beat them with their own deck.

Type 2:

Krark Clan Ironworks, 2x Myr Retriever, Disciple of the Vault.

One Myr Retriever in the graveyard, and one in play, along with Disciple of the Vault and Krark Clan Ironworks. Sacrifice a Retriever for 2 colorless mana return the one from the graveyard to your hand, then play it with the 2 mana produced, while you repeat this you opponent take one to the dome for each time you repeat this.

Triskelion and 2x Rite of Passage.

Play Triskelion and 2x Rite of Passage remove a counter from Triskelion and deal 1 damage to him and then add two counters to him. Keep doing this for yet another infinite damage type 2 combo.

Wirewood Channeler and Pemmin’s Aura, (with one other elf in play).

Enchant Wirewood Channeler with Pemmin’s Aura and tap to add 2+ blue, use 1 to untap the Channeler. Keep doing this until you have enough mana to use Fireball your opponent with delicious cheese. Or send a bunch of Angels/Soldiers over for the kill with Decree of Justice. My favorite is Jinxed Choker where you can add or remove any number or counters to cut off your opponent’s neck faster than his eyes realize the combo went off. Or if you dig kitty fun Firecat Blitz gives you something to sink your teeth into. Even more fun is with an alternate win condition such as Test of Endurance and Stream of Life. Any X spell will do, how you abuse it is up to you.

I admire these ideas and I wish to see more decks like these out in tournaments, especially the ones from Mirrodin Block.

Please reply with any unique combos, in any format, that I might have missed I thank you once again. Look for more to come.

Signing Off


Tony Lyskawa

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