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Contest Entry - Damping Engine
By immortal grave walker
Breaking things is my forte. It's just not breaking Magic cards. However, I thought I would give it a try since Damping Engine can be an interesting card if I can ever figure out how to make it work for my own use. Anyway, here's my deck and idea of how it should work:


4-Damping Engine
4-Flame Rift
4-Seal of Fire
4-Aether Flash
1-Fault Line

4-Enlightened Tutor
4-Radiant's Dragoons
2-Soothing Balm
2-Seal of Cleansing
1-Wall of Glare
1-False Prophet


As you can see this deck is pretty basic. The idea is to try to get the engine out early then my opponent will have to sack a permanents every time he plays something. That's if he controls more than me, of course. Most of my spells are instants or sorceries which I can play with the engine in play without having to sacrifice anything. The white spells are mainly for me to gain life from the damage that I also deal to myself. If I'm able to get the Aether Flash in play, it slows my opponent down. If the engine is in play with the Aether Flash, it really slows them down. That's my deck on breaking Damping Engine. It's pretty simple, a sorta control-burn deck.

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