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Contest Entry - Songs of the Damned
By Eric Chima
Wow, this deck just popped into my head. It's based around Songs of the Damned. If you don't know what that is, it's an Ice Age common that adds one black mana to your mana pool for each creature in your graveyard, and costs B to cast. So, here's the deck:

4x Songs of the Damned
4x Paradigm Shift
4x Drain Life
4x Vampiric Tutor

4x Dauthi Slayer
4x Dauthi Horror
4x Phyrexian Negator
4x Carnophage
4x Blood Pet
4x Dark Ritual

4x Underground River
4x Underground Sea
4x City of Brass
8x Swamps

When you start the game, your opponent will assume he's just facing a regular Suicide Black deck. You hit him early, then as soon as you can, you cast Paradigm Shift. This will put your deck (usually with at least 15 or so creatures left in it) into your graveyard. You then cast Songs of the Damned and in response sacrifice any Blood Pets you have, cast any Rituals, and pump around 20 black mana into a huge drain life. Assuming you hit them at all early on, this will kill them. Alternatively, you can just kill them with creature beatdown.


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