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Deck Building (Sligh)
By Mike J. Solymossy
Sligh... Everyone plays it. Most play it rather well. Building an Optimal sligh deck can be both the easiest thing, and fairly challenging.

it is easy to build a burn deck. Totally aggro with no responses for creatures is a cakewalk, but what happens when you play speed-green (stomp) or goblins or something that can outrace you? Burn alone will not get the job done in some cases.

so you build sligh, the perfect creature-burn mix... Or so you may think. Depending on WHAT creatures and WHAT spells you play will result in your wins or losses against some elite decks.

So here is MY take on sligh...

The first issue is: Who will you be playing against?

Your surroundings can greatly effect how you build your sligh deck. Do you want to run Ankh of Mishra against a field where everyone is playing speed... such as weenie, stomp, or sligh? Probably not, because it can hurt you just as much, if not more, than the other player. Why play Ankh if the other deck works off of one or two lands anyways?

The second issue is: What is your flavor?

This one is a major issue with ANY deck. If you don’t like to play goblins, then what WONT you be playing? Goblins. Some people like running straight burn. Others may like smashing their opponents face in using hard hitting fatties, such as the blisterin’ puddy-cat and the ball lightning. You need to find what is comfortable with you.

Issue number three: Creatures

This one is based on affordability and availability. If you can't afford ball lightnings and pussycats then you obviously cannot run them in your deck.
Some common creatures: Ball lightning, Blistering firecat, irnclaw orcs, Mogg flunkies, mogg fanatic, raging goblin, jackal pups, goblin cadets, goblin Patrol...

13NoVa's thoughts behind these critters.

Ball lightning:
RRR is kinda steep for 6 damage. And if you are playing against a red deck or black deck, it's gunna be destroyed anyways before damage resolves.

Blistering firecat
3RR for morphing it or 1RRR for hardcast is WAY to steep for 7 damage.

ironclaw orcs
Some people like it, i really don't. not much to say, it's just preference here.

Mogg flunkies
read the comments on ironclaw orcs

mogg fanatic
this thing is amazing

raging goblin
I guess it's a poor man's fanatic.

jackal pups
I really don't like this guy, but 2/1 for 1 is pretty good. it really depends on how creature-heavy you are.

goblin cadets
2/1 for R with a drawback. It really, like before, depends on how creature heavy you are.

goblin Patrol
2/1 for R with echo. Just like pops and cadets, it really depends on how heavy you are.

THESE are just the creatures I AM familiar with.
there are endless amounts of creatures that can be used to help sligh.

Issue number four: What are good support spells?

This one is based on affordability and availability.
Common “cheap” support spells I see:
shock, incinerate, seal of fire, lightning bolt, kindle, scent of cinder, fireblast, chain lightning, pyrokenesis, pyroclasm, tremor, urza's rage, sonic burst

13NoVa's reckoning on spells:
Like before, the spells are endless..

Everyone likes an instant 2 damage for R.

Seal of fire.
It’s like another shock, but it as points that make it both better and worse than the classic shock. You can play it, and then sit on it and not have to worry about holding a mountain open, but you have to play it during your turn, which
can leave you tapped out when you need a mountain for another ability.

All around great spell. 1R for 3 damage is an alright deal for an instant, but what makes this card is the fact that it can kill river boa's.

lightning bolt
the bread and butter of sligh

It's decent, with a stack ability. it depends on how spellheavy you are.

scent of cinder
i always voted this out because i ran artifacts and such, but it's preference.

you sack two mountains for 4 damage. GREAT kill card

chain lightning
this is probobly one of the more expensive burn spells you will find. 3 damage for R is GREAT, but the sorcery speed COULD be a problem.

the problem behind this is you can only kill critters.

pyroclasm + tremor
Not worth it. blanket effects on critters don't really matter much.

urza's rage
you will NEVER play the kicker on this. NEVER!
but it is 3 uncounterable damage.

Sonic burst
amazing card. more often than not, ill Tap 2 mountains, sacrafice them to play Fireblast, and then sonic burst. it's 8 damage for 3 cards and 2 lands. Awesome in slight.

Next issue is really the final issue: Filling in the gaps:

do you want artifacts? Black vice, Chalise, Ankh?
land destruction? strip mines?

Because I am stressed for time, I will quickly post my deck I ran with.

Creatures: 12
4 mogg fanatic
4 goblin patrol
4 goblin cadets

Spells: 24
4 lightning bolt
4 chain lightning
4 fireblast
4 goblin grenade***
4 reckless charge***
4 incinerate

3 ankh of mishra
1 black vice

8 Red fetchlands***
2 wasteland***
1 stripmine***
9 mountain

Explanations on my choices:
goblin grenade: 5 damage for sacraficing a creature. it was more often used to kill big problems or to kill my opponent.

reckless charge:
this is often overlooked but in sligh, you pay R for 3 damage. if you have a creature and they have no blockers it's another bolt or chain. And if you stall late game you can flash this for 3 more.

fetchlands: they really think your deck out so you can smack them with spells more fluently

wasteland + strip mine
Strip just is utility, but the BIGGEST problem in my local area was that everyone would be playing Glacial Chasm. KILL KILL KILL! AHHH

Well I really wish I could write more about Sligh, but I have other things with my life I need to get done.

there you have it SeFRo, I wrote an article!

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