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Contest Entry - About Face
By Rick Coolidge
White creatures have the annoying habit of being hard to kill but at the same time, not really worth killing as their power is not much of a threat to opposing players. Red can turn that into an advantage with one card: About Face.

Back That Thing Up

4 Tormented Angel
2 Standing Troops
2 Charging Paladin
4 Shield Mate
4 Hero's Resolve
4 Iron Will
4 About Face
4 Fling
4 Swords to Plowshares
2 Gamble
4 Lotus Petal
4 Scabland
4 Remote Farm
2 Sandstone Needle
8 Plains
4 Mountains

The idea is pretty simple but can be frustrating because there is no real alternate for About Face that I know of.(Vhati il-Vec doesn't fit color-wise) The Gambles are in there to try to make up for that factor.
You want to get a Hero's Resolve on a Standing Troops, Paladin, or, ideally, an Angel. Attack with the unassuming creature. Remove blockers with the STP and hit your attacker with the About Face. Pump it if you can with Iron Wills and sacrificed Shield Mates. Finish it off with a Fling if you have one. The surprised look you will get from your opponent is priceless. Go ahead and build one and try it. Except for the Scablands I'm sure you have plenty of these commons lying around. I know I was happy to find a use for some of those 14 Shield Mates I had in the box.

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