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Contest Entry - Cursed Green
By John-William Brown
The following deck is built to work with the under-used card, Cursed Totem.

Forest x16
Treetop Village x4
Cursed Totem x4
Giant Growth x4
Might of Oaks x1
Symbiosis x4
Retaliation x2
Rancor x4
Acridian x2
Cradle Guard x2
Elvish Archers x3
Hunting Moa x2
Mossdog x4
Pouncing Jaguar x4
Skyshroud Ridgeback x4

The deck was designed to combat the major creature decks which are doing well locally in casual & tourny play, they are rebel, merc', & mana elf / large green decks.
The Cursed totem shuts these decks down, and cause players of the first two types to play from their hands only. The Cursed Totem levels the field, so the rest of the deck needs to turn the game in your favour, hence a good deal of cheap mana creatures & ways to pump them up to get damage across. You should be playing at least one creature a turn. It is best to hold the toems until a creature with an activited ability has been played, as this basically wastes a turn for the player who played the creature.
All of the creatures in the deck, do not carry any draw backs, except for the faders. Also none of them have activited abilities, as this is what the totem stops.

The totem also works against spellshapers, Masticores, & decks using regen' creatues.

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