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"Scrubs Corner": "I am Wakefield's inner child"
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
I don't play Magic anyone. I swear...

Ok, well maybe I still flop the occasional crack rock on the table with my friends, but it's my job; I mean, I have to run the store, so why not join in on the festivities?

*sigh* It's weird, I don't go to PT's, GP's, or have the desire to attend Regionals, but yet, I still play. Locally of course.

5-Colored is just one of those formats I can't say "No" to. Nor drafting it up. And God do I get blown out some times but I think I can hang with the youngin's.
That is unless of course you ask my friends.

Scenario A:
"You passed Loxodon Warhammer? WTF!!??"
"Um, yeah, I picked something better"
"What is better than THAT card?"
*I look at my Viridian Shaman*
[Well, Shaman will get rid of Warhammer-right?]

Welcome, Shawn, to Fantasy Island. Mr. Roarke and his faithful companion Tattoo greet me.
"I'd like, Mr. Roarke, to be a good Mtg player"


*Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity*

"Yeah, um, my pick was justifiable guys-don't worry"

Draft was 5 on 5. Rares-Oblivion Stone and Chrome Mox, and other halloween treats.

Last game came down to me for the game winner.

And, I lose. I go 0-3. Wow, that ride home sure felt long.

However, that weekend wasn't a total bust. I did get to tear into some 5-colored and highlander with "Fat Man" and gang. Oh, and did I mention I am amazing at Texas hold 'em?

Scenario B:
10 people at my table, and 10 at the other. We will combine after 5 drop out. Well, I drop 4 of the guys, with monster/oink hands.
The final table I am sitting back on a large pot.
Ahh, life is good huh? I check-raise with a pocket pair of Jacks. Everyone drops except one random who feels he can hang. I throw in 100 in his direction, the pocker chips splashing all around, one hitting him.
Random: "Hey, don't splash the pot-ok?"

*I will splash da pot whenever da oink i please*
Reality-"Sure, sure. What you got? Pocket 2's? Want to just go all in here?"

Random: "Sure, let's do it. Think you can beat my hand?"

*I peep my hand uno mas"
"K, I'll bankroll this."

We both flop. He has pocket Kings.
Yep, that would of course beat my pocket Jacks.

The flop: 3, 4, Ace.
Turn: Jack
River: 10

*It hurts doesn't it? Your hopes dashed, your dreams down the toilet. And your fate is sitting right besides you*
Reality-I give him a look of pure evil. Yeah, I flopped my hand on the turn, so what?

David Sklansky wrote in Hold'em Poker:
"It is frequently correct to check raise if:
1. You think you have the best hand (though not a slowplaying hand) and
2. You are quite sure someone will bet behind you if you check."

I quess your right David. All I need are the ESPN Texas Hold Em shows.

Oh, that and my Viridian Shaman. I mean, he destroys artifacts-right?

Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

"I am Wakefield's inner child"

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