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Contest decks - Tolaria
By Russell Sherman
Hello, this is Duel here. I am submitting a couple decks for the contest that I think deserve to be looked over. First off, I am, in the strictest sense of the word, a casual player. Tournaments and me have this ten-foot-pole thing about each other, and my decks are built to be fun to play.

Who loves Island Sanctuary? I love Island Sanctuary. This deck is viable, and very disruptive when it goes off. It's almost creatureless too. The deck is not the most casual, using rares fairly often, but if Zadok's Greatest Good deck counts (4 Weatherseed Treefolk, 4 Greater Good, 4 Alter of Dementia, 4 Endless Wurm) this thing as to count as well.


10 Islands
10 Plains

4 Island Sanctuary
3 Mystic Decree
2 Douse
2 Whim of Volrath
2 Conversion
3 Mind Bend
2 Arcane Laboratory
2 Enlightened Tutor
4 Counterspell
3 Forbid
2 Hidden Retreat

4 Millstone
3 Howling Mine

2 Academy Rector
2 Fountain Watch

This is a decking engine I built, and I found that, surprisingly enough, it was a symbol of Tolaria. All the stuff in it had to do with an Island Sanctuary, where magic was taught. It fit the theme deck too well for me to throw it out. The principle is that with Island Sanctuary And Howling Mine, you can draw one card a turn, and nothing can attack you, and that is the beginning of decking. It works too. Try it, it's a lot of fun.

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