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Mono Black Zombie bidding at states YAY
By BJ Miller
I have to say States was pretty interesting up my way. There are about 90-100 people that show up to play, and we are crammed into the store like insects, while others wait outside for their match ups because the stupid mall didn't want us playing outside the store. I get to do a little metagaming before we get started and see the field is pretty close to what I have been play testing to so I'm kind of excited and have a great feeling about playing. I'll give the play by play on matches to get reactions from people.

Round 1

I get to stand up and play at a counter. We shuffle up and cut decks, I get to go first. Open hand 4 swamps, 2 rotlungs, and a cabal archon. Well he doesn't like his land but he keeps. By turn 3 I've got a rotlung out, I've cycled my gladiator, and managed to get out a grotto. He on the other hand isn't looking too good with just a mountain and a forest in play. I win that game.

All I can say for the next match is top deck plow under and sure enough I'm sitting on a pile of swamps for 2 turns unable to get out the rotlungs and undead warchiefs and nice ole vengeful deads sitting in my hand. Final is 1-2 him

So I'm taking a break watching a few of the remainder matches and talk to a couple friends on how they did. 20 minutes later they announce round 2.

Round 2

I go up against this guy playing goblins. Of course I know this kid's not that too great with the deck seeing how he played in a type 2 the week before and went 1-4 for the day with it, so I'm feeling confident.

I lose the die roll and am sitting on 3 swamps, 1 undead gladiator, a undead warchief and 2 twisted abominations. I'm feeling worried now, but he drops a mountain and says go and I top deck cabal interrogator. YES I'm saying to myself, now I have a blocker, I get a wretch out turn 2 and I'm feeling a little better about the situation. He manages to get out a pile driver and such but has no chance once I get a noxious ghoul into play as I remove his graveyard and mine fills up with wonderful zombies. He manages to get me down to 12 life and I'm not looking too good with one rotlung to his pile driver, and 2 warchiefs and a sharpshooter. Topdeck a nice ole bidding for the game bye bye all goblins get -12-12.

For the second match I side in 3 infest and a bridge. I'll be damned if I'm down to 16 life by turn 5 but to my suprise he drops his own bridge with 2 cards in his hand, then he says "Attack with Clickslither" as I reply with "That's almost going to work" he doesn't realize that the bridge affects him too, so we're at a stalemate. My army is getting pretty big when I get out 2 noxious ghouls and a wretch in play - it's kind of a wonder who gets this one. I remove his graveyard and cast bidding to kill the remainder of his stuff. I get a nice Gempalm polluter and cycle that grotto it and win, but he has to call a judge because he doesn't understand the cycle grotto combo. But he was just stalling b/c they said we had 4 minutes left and he didn't want to lose. I win 2-0

We're actually the last ones playing so I wait about 10 mins while talking to friends I can see him pissing and moaning to his friends that he shouldn't have sided in the bridge and saying I suck stuff like that.

Round 3

I'm playing a fellow buddy who I know I'm going to lose to because he is a really good player. But I think positive about it. I know he got a horrible draw but I'm happy I won the first game, although I'm hating Silvos a little after that game. I sideboard some terrors and some infest for extra precautions. I end up losing both after that. SILVOS SUX!!!!! 1-2 him but I'm honored to lose to him.

Round 4

We wait some more while they tally up the rankings. So I'm 1-2 after 3 rounds and top 15 is starting look pretty hard to reach b/c I would have to win the next 3 rounds to even think top 15 4-2 has a good shot at it. But I talk to one of my friends who tells me they aren't doing it that way - they're doing it by points which is awfully wierd but now I have a good shot b/c point-wise I'm 4-4 which is good. So next round I'm paired down and to save you all the trouble I'm 2-0.

I'm standing outside waitng for next round pairings and saying to myself "Yay I haven't had to deal with Karma today". I'm sitting on points 6-4 which is good.

Round 5

I get to sit down for once that day YAY!!! So I'm shuffling and I win the dice roll. I get out an interrogator and a wretch while he is not liking that b/c turn 3 he cycles the dragon and bye bye dragon. I win that one. Sideboard time. In comes Mind Bend and Mind Sludge. I had a feeling Karma was coming. Turn 4 he hasn't done much and I manage to get out an interrogator and a rotlung - I get a
couple cards from his hand and say go. We argued next turn about my warchief and his pyroplasm but I guess I was wrong - either way it didn't matter, all I need is one more land to sludge his hand away. Top deck Swamp he's got 5 cards in hand so SLUDGE AWAY!! he scoops and I win that one. 2-1

Now I've gotta wait about half hour while they tally up the rankings etc. Points Im looking good with an 8-5 points I know I hit top 15.

Round 6

I'm playing with another guy I know and I'm thinking to myself I have a good chance b/c this guy plays white weenie, it was something I didn't get a chance to test against but didn't worry too much. I win the die roll and get out a interrogator and say go, turn one he gets out a savanah lion, great. Next turn he drops another lion and attacks, I block and lose my interrogator but I've got 2 rotlungs in hand so I'm not too worried, next turn he dumps out a white knight, oh "oinking great" I'm thinking to myself but I play it out. I get out Rotlung and then he drops out some flyers and well I lose b/c I couldn't get to my 3 biddings or 4 noxious ghouls or 3 smothers. Sideboard time, in comes bridge, mind bends, mind sludge, and infest. I get to go first - I'm not liking my hand too much but I run with it. By turn 3 I've got out a rotlung but he gets a story circle out and a damn white knight. So turn 4 I put out a cabal archon and swing with rotlung to drop him down to 16. I'll be damned if next turn he doesn't drop out another white knight. Swinging for 4 and droping me to 12, well time to sack rotlung to gain 2 life prevent that *****, I was so p'oed at that point. So I cycle polluter to get him down to 10 now I'm feeling kind of all right and thinking I've got a chance. I need another land to bid for my guys back which will let me sac to kill him. Well land doesn't come so I play out my other Rotlung and attack with my token and archon get him to 6. I can live for a few more turns next turn I wanted to reach over and slap him hard. He drops an Ivory mask so in response I'll sac my rotlung, and go to 14. Now I'm up oink creek without my paddle or boat. He swings and pecks me down to 0, I lose. I'm pawing through my deck and I've got a nice mana clump even though I pile shuffled. Oh well I go points 8-7 and games I'm 3-3 which isn't too bad. I get 9 packs for top 14 so I'm happy.

I got a couple good rares but other than that the packs were crappy. Oh well it paid for my tournament. If you want the zombie bidding build just let me know and I'll make the 3 or 4 versions I've used, you can try it out or make suggestions I did change it around a little bit for different decks I expected to lose too.

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