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More MTG: Battleground News
By Spiderman
Jason Madhosingh through Atari has been kind enough to provide us with additional unreleased screenshots of the game, as well as a sneak preview of the new video which will go live with the website sometime in the next week. Check them out and see if you like!

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3

Screenshot #4

Screenshot #5

Zipped Trailer

WMV Trailer

ASX Trailer

MOV Trailer

Also- here’s what he says that's coming in the next few weeks:

  • Kirby Fong, exec producer of the game will be joining them weekly to share some insights and behind the scenes information
  • They'll have 4 new screens per week to release
  • They’ll be launching a MTG quiz—you’ll dig it.

Keep your eyes peeled as this progresses!


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