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MTG: Battlegrounds
By Jason Madhosingh
Think like a wizard. Fight like a warrior.

Enter a world of intense fighting action, where dueling wizards battle in arenas conjured from the world of Magic The Gathering: Battlegrounds. Victory goes to those who cast spells strategically, but fight with furious and ruthless power. Think like a wizard, and fight like a warrior.

Battle online: Via Xbox Live and the Internet.
Download online content: Get spells, wizards, and assorted extras in regularly updated player downloads.

Enjoy awesome gameplay: Built on the Unreal engine.
Mix and match 90 different spells from 5 spell books: Plus bonus spells to unlock. The variety of spells provides for near-limitless fighting combinations.

Battle with your choice of nine wizards in 16 epic arenas: Wizards and arenas are all based on the Magic: The Gathering universe.

Embark on comprehensive single-player quests: This helps duelists acquire cool spells and artifacts.

True Power Cannot Be Contained!

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