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Contest Entry - Breaking Orcish Squatters
By Istanbul

BREAKING: Orcish Squatters

4x Orcish Squatters
3x Goblin Gardener
4x Pyroclasm
4x Stone Rain
4x Pillage
4x Lay Waste
3x Destructive Urge
4x Army Ants
3x Lightning Dragon

4x Cloak of Mists

4x Rishadan Port
12x Mountain
3x Sandstone Needle
2x Thran Quarry
2x City of Brass

The idea behind this deck is to get a Cloak of Mists onto either Orcish Squatters or a creature with Destructive Urge on it to establish a lock, with land destruction working to stall my opponent until I can get a lock. Ports will help slow down any mana development your opponent may have in case of a bad draw on your part, and Pyroclasms will do double-duty in clearing the board of an initial assault and letting your Goblin Gardeners do their dirty work.

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