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Common sense has gone too far... V.01
By Ranoni Wrae Clarks
Now I'm not one to fret about the uncanny ability of movies, CCGs, or even the occasional event to draw in a profit from its many accessories, but this is getting a bit out of hand.

I see M:TG and other TCGs as a nice getaway from the world, the great facade of increpant decay, and destruction which has sent those of us buying the rattiest looking pieces of American flag apparel which money can buy. So, it was with great apprehension that I saddled over to the Ye Olden Shoppe to buy an innocent looking Duelist life counter to keep track of my life on especially long games. Now I'm not one to start playing Spellfire, and burn a hole in my pocket on T-shirts and jewelry every nut or fanatic builds with the symbols and names of the cards on. So why would I buy an expensive counter? Mostly for convenience, if you have ever seen one of these flimsy, cheap counters, you will note the size compared with a normal CCG card. This said and done, I have kept my little life counter nice a fresh with the decks I play in tournaments with, right inside the box the cards are in. Not many people you see can boast this because of their totes full of six to three (yes three!) sided die, and many "official" bags of fish tank pebbles cluttering their tackle box full of gaming crap.
Now, I see that these little Duelist spin counters are worth $12 a piece? First of all, these things are worth less in materials than what they’re selling for. Second, I give up on the idea of a fixed price system (a.k.a. pricing guides) and return to a chaotic system of pricing which includes Ebay in its calculations, I think I’ve had enough with any system of card pricing! Card pricing is a contagion, which is weighting down our opinion of cards. If some schmuck says a card is worth $20.00 players are now under the impression that this card is worth this large increment of money. When the T2 atmosphere has been charged with this sort of hype, it’s a wonder why most casualists prefer their own way of pricing instead of the preferred method of buying into magazine subscriptions.

Now, if your like me and love to keep under budget and have enough spare time to learn the essentials to hacking, every day, you will like my especially cheap set of gaming peripherals.

1. Two small deck boxes. Not to be mistaken for the Ultra•Pro Deck Box's, but just your ordinary (and free) used booster pack box, with a half of a roll of duct tape around the whole thing to keep the thing from wearing out.
2. 3 Poke’mon Ultra•Pro Deck Box’s… This really blew my mind seeing as I don’t play Poke’mon, but still am a bargain hunter at heart. All of you who think Poke’mon is amoral, and an injustice to millions of poor families across the world will not believe how this little gem has been going in the past few years. Lets step down a little and tell you how much I actually paid for these boxes of 60 ct. Ultra•Pro card sleeves, $1.00. Now you think I’m mad and are cussing me out. I see why you would do that and feel for you and that nine to twelve dollar box of 100 ct. M:TG deck protectors, but ever since the Poke’mon League was cut from WotC, they have been liquidating entire sets of Poke’mon crap for our hearts delight! I finished my whole roll of duct tape on these innocent looking (and almost free) boxes of TCGamers friends.

And my little $1.00 life counter I got from the above section. Come on people! I’ve spent a total of $3.75 on my little TCG gear, while keeping it under the size of a fishing tote. Who can beat that? I’ve completely circumvented WotC’s little pricing system by purchasing a few rolls of the Handyman’s Secret Weapon, and seeping through the WotC Store ½ off ½ off sale.

Please send all of your price saving tactics to

Give our best regards to your parents,
The Nightstalkers
The Shadows Know

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