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Contest entry - Ill-Gotten Gains
By Eric Chima
Hey, this is Apollo from the message boards. This is a deck to break ill-gotten gains.

Ill-Gotten Pain (name thought up on the spot)

4x Ill-Gotten Gains
4x Megrim
4x Dark Ritual
1x Sol Ring
4x Mana Vault
4x Hymn to Tourach
4x Demonic Consultation
2x Funeral Charm
4x Hypnotic Specter
1x Yawgmoth's Will
2x Drain Life
4x Crystal Vein
22x Swamp

This deck is an Ill-Gotten Gains/Megrim deck. The purpose is to lay a Megrim as quickly as possible, then pull of the Ill-Gotten Gains. If you do it quickly enough that they have 7 cards in hand, they will take 14 and one more Gains will kill them. Ideally, with Rituals, you could cast Megrim and Gains first turn. Slightly more likely is that you can do it 2nd turn. There aren't any incredibly expensive cards except the Will, which isn't totally necessary. Hymn to Tourach, Funeral Charm, and Hypnotic Specter also work with Megrim to punch through the last few points of damage if you can do only one Gains. The Funeral Charm can also double as spot creature kill. With all of the Swamps and Rituals, the Drains can also punch through some damage, and Gains can get you back more Rituals for it.

Ideally, if you had the money, you could also add Moxes, Lotus, Dual Lands, and Blue for Ancestrall Recall and Timetwister to fill your opponents hand (more from Megrim)and/or yours. But for the purpose of keeping it cheap, I've left them out.

This is a fun combo deck, and it is much more interesting to play than some others (like Pandaburst or Academy).

Eric Chima

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