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Enchant Worlds Theme Week.
By Robert Hilliard
Welcome to Train’s…
Enchant World Week!!!

As a Semi-casual Magic player, I like to focus on cards not commonly used in every format. This week I plan to explore the Enchant World cards that are no longer being made. Few reports say one will be in Scourge – the next M:TG set to be released. If so this is a great tribute to the casual player, to Magic as a game, and what Enchant Worlds are all about.

Enchant Worlds were originally made to impact play in such a special way that only one could be in play at a time. Few Enchant Worlds saw tournament style play, and most were used for casual play. Listed below are all the Enchant Worlds WOTC has created thus far:

The Abyss
Bazaar of Wonders
Caverns of Despair
Concordant Crossroads
Elkin Lair
Eye of Singularity
Field of Dreams
Forsaken Wastes
Gravity Sphere
Hall of Gemstone
In the Eye of Chaos
Koskun Falls
Land's Edge
Living Plane
Mystic Decree
Nether Void
Null Chamber
Pillar Tombs of Aku
Serra Aviary
Skull of Orm
Storm World
Teferi's Realm
Tombstone Stairwell
Winter's Night

I’ll discuss playing these cards in casual, multiplayer, and duel type formats. Hopefully I’ll be convincing enough for some of you to build decks based around these cards, include them in your multiplayer sessions, or just o make you want to collect them.
The first Article will hopefully be out 4/8… ‘til then!


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