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Do what thou Wish
By Dan Freagarthach
This article is about an infinite mana generating combo deck, with a rogue engine that I have found nowhere else amongst players or on the internet. What makes this deck distinctive is what you can do with it in a casual game once the combination is in place, which is anything you want given the collection of cards you own.

Here is the deck list with a breakdown on particular card choices:

Transcension - Casual Type 1.5 Legal 2003
Dan Freagarthach

10 Forest
10 Plains
4 Windswept Heath

This simple mana base provides color consistency
while also randomizing and thinning your library.

4 Abeyance
4 Wall of Blossoms
4 Wall of Roots

These provide card drawing, early defense,
mana acceleration, and a ward against disruption.

4 Enduring Renewal
4 False Dawn
4 Tinder Wall

This combination generates unbounded white mana
that can be utilized as though it were any color.

4 Burning Wish
4 Living Wish
4 Wall of Mulch

These can be used to find components, draw your
library, and then to play out any cards you own.

On an optimal draw this deck can initiate the combo protected with Abeyance on turn 4 and can consistently get everything going turn 5. What differentiates the deck is what the player can do at that point. A Wall of Mulch can be used to draw your library, or if you are particularly fond of elves, you can cast a Living Wish for a Heart Warden. With your Living Wish spells you can play a Sliver Queen with a Victual Sliver and an Acidic Sliver, determining the fate of everything and everyone at the table. You can use your Burning Wish spells to do the same thing with Upheaval, Energy Bolt, and Fireball.
With Stream of Life, Death Wish, and Mirari, you can use the doubling effect of the artifact for recursion and play every single spell you own, a wicked maelstrom of your favorite effects followed by a handpicked army of your favorite creatures. While this is probably only going to happen once for each person you play the deck against, it does make for an interesting one time exhibition. Even when they have seen the deck perform several times, at least your opponents can wonder at what artistry you will bring to the endgame on this particular run through.
This diversity of game-winning potential can be achieved with other decks as well. One could substitute a common engine like Shield Sphere with Phyrexian Altar to achieve the infinite mana combination, perhaps running Golden Wish in the main deck. Do you have a similar deck that utilizes the Wish spells? How is it different from and similar to Transcension? What kinds of endgame do you wish for?

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