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Budget Slivers, 10% more free!
By Sid Jackson
(if this article has made it through review, please excuse all the writing in brackets and scroll downward for the article. Meanwhile, at the mods, i dont know how this place works, but this deck isn't really legal in any format except casual w/ house rules. Whether it makes it in or not is up to you dudes, but i think a place called the Casual Player's Alliance would understand this. Not tryin' to diss you or anything, but I mean, i might get some grief for the format of this deck, and i just want everybody to know it's for a specific enviroment. peace.)


Slivers. what a creature! everybody loves to hate 'em. we all had that little voice inside our heads during the Rath cycle that told us slivers were the best, funnest deck we could ever imagine. Well, feel free to stab that voice with a Q-tip, 'cause let's just be frank about it, slivers suck.

I play casual, so most any deck is excepted, but after trying and trying i just can't seem to get the sliver deck to work even enough to compete against the absurd theme decks i see around here. After searching through several posts on several sites about sliver decks, it seems I am not alone in this inability to build a good deck of that ilk. People will throw in just about any cards with a sliver deck, because we just don't know what to use with them. Coat of Arms? too expensive. Artificial Evoloution? nah, you cant revolve a deck around one card. Lifeline? Don't ask.

The only deck I have seen that can make slivers work (appropriatly enough) is totally illegal in any format but casual house rules allowing you to have under 60 cards in your deck. It goes something like this:

4x metallic sliver
4x muscle sliver
4x horned sliver
4x rancor
4x wild might
4x llanowar elves
16x forest

you must be on the floor rolling with laughter by now. But don't be so quick to judge! It's the simplicity of this deck that is it's strength. Small, swift creatures and quick boosts for low mana. What's more, you're using slivers AND almost all commons (i would consider horned sliver a common, seeing as we all have several unused copies of them and everybody's willing to trade them)

so that's my sliver deck, and this is the end of my

Footnote: Legions may have sliver in them! it's just a rumor, but it could be true. This deck may be dramatically improving and maybe even legal someday! If the rumors proves true, then I will repost a new version. 'Til then, check out my homesite for MTG related things,

tell them Nameless sent you.

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