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The Road to greatness is made of gold and potholes
By Nick Saviskoff
This is my first attempt at writing an article for just about anything, so please, bear with me. Hopefully I'll even be able to make a point or two out of it as well.

Recently there has been alot of talk about the state of the CPA and where its going.
Some of us believe that the CPA should be more direct and politically based. The hard line of casual players to give WotC a mental smack on issues that concern us such as banning and restricting of cards. Others believe that the CPA is a place where they can go and hang out and talk with other casual players about fun decks themes and other interesting points of the game.

The thing that attracted me to the CPA was that it is a place for casual players, unlike several other sites online (eg, the dojo). I've been playing since beta came out seven years ago, I was very competitive and loved tournaments. However the reason I stopped playing tournaments and went casual for life was because I noticed one day that no longer were tournys about having fun with a bunch of other great players and just enjoying yourself, but rather people were more concered with kicking everyones ass and winning. Fun had dissapeared. Of course this point can be argued to death, but when a game becomes politics and more arbitration than playing, whats the point anymore? I love a good discussion about how things interact and interesting timing problems, but I don't like rules lawyering. This is all what turned me off of being a "pro" style player, to much discussion and complaining. This is something that I don't want to see happen to the CPA, becoming more of a place for argument and being a political monster against dumb things that WotC or the DCI do. I fully support the CPA mission of being a unified voice of the casual player, but I want people who want to be full blown activists so to speak to not forget that its being a hardcore activist that eventually years later turned the DCI into what it is and why some of us tend to avoid it. I want the CPA to be true to its mission but I don't want us to forget to have fun with game while we try to make WotC see our views.

I've done my time trying to get WotC to listen and honestly, I'm tired. I'll cast my votes on subjects to present to them and I'll give my opinion when its needed or I feel I have to speak, but I'm not an activist, I don't have the fire to be anymore. I'd hate to see the CPA become so obssesed with its mission that it forgets why the mission is there to begin with.

Do we need orginization? Yes, every good group with a purpose does to some extent.

Do we all have to participate? No, of course not. We're all here for our own reasons, whether to speak out, or meet others with the same zest for the game, or to just lurk and watch.

I love the CPA as it is and what it has the potential to be. Its already got lots of great, innovative people and is getting more daily from the looks of it. Some of us have great ideas on how to do things and from whats been happening in the last couple weeks I think things are definately going in the right direction, so lets keep it up people. We can make a differance if we want to.

Nick Saviskoff
Ura on the CPA">

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