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Is Magic Online for you?
By Richard Koelsch
As much as I would like to make decisions for everyone, the ultimate decision will be up to you. I will be going over my experiences and what I think of the system. I have only been on Magic Online for a month and I am very pleased so far.

Let me start with a little background. I started playing Magic during the Dark, the first four years I played pretty steady and really enjoyed it. My enjoyment of the game had diminished over the last few years for several reasons. First was my work. I had left the military where I had lots of extra time and started working in the civilian sector. I had to work 2 jobs to make up for the lost income and that really cut into my playing time.

The second reason is the local Magic scene has been dying. Used to be you had 2 or 3 stores where you could play in tournaments and leagues. Now there is only one and it is sparsely attended. I would go to a lot of trouble to clear my schedule to go to the local game store for a tournament only to have it cancelled for late of participation. I had decided that my time for Magic was over. I only had one problem, I still liked to play.

So I decided to try Magic Online. I was very leery, I have an older computer and a dial-up connection at home. But I installed it off the cd that I bought at Best Buy and it installed easily. I started very slowly, staying in the training rooms until I felt comfortable with the interface. Once I learn to stop manaburning I was ready for a real game. I bought the precon "Inundation," (those that know me know I favor white) and went into the casual room. I was amazed at how easy it was to play a game. I think that first night I played 5 games in an hour. It was great. Now I was hooked. What else could I try? I knew I couldn't take a precon into a sanctioned tournament with any hope for success. So I decided to try a draft. Was that cool! I made some poor choices and lost my first match but it was fun.

The next thing I tried was leagues and these are fun. I always liked limited better than constructed (couldn't have anything to do with me getting further in limited) and this was good For approximate $30 I can play as much magic as I want and have a chance to win some prizes. I know what will be doing for the next couple of months, look for me in the leagues room or in the trading room trying to get ready for the next league. See you online.

Defense! Defense! Defense!
Team AWWAJALOOM member

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