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My First (real) Magic Online Experience
By Kenneth Nagle (NorrYtt)
Kenneth Nagle (NorrYtt)

My First (real) Magic Online Experience

Here I am, grading my diligent students' lab assignments, when it dawns on me to try that excellent Magic Online program since I was a beta-tester and I get a free draft. I couldn't log into my account because I had forgotten my password. It was something easy so all my friends could use my account, but a week of toilet scrubbing takes it's toll on your memory. I was told to 'log in' to change my (forgotten) password. Thanks, guys. Two emails later, I'm in and guess what? Beta coupons have expired. Finally, $23.74 later I have 2 draft sets of OTJ.

My first draft online I snag these sweet picks:

White (13)
1 Gallantry
1 Guided Strike
1 Prismatic Strands
1 Shelter
1 Blessed Orator
1 Hallowed Healer
1 Mystic Familar
1 Mystic Visionary
1 Mystic Zealot
1 Phantom Nomad
2 Teroh's Faithful
1 Vigilant Sentry

Red (10)
1 Firebolt
1 Lightning Surge
1 Lava Dart
1 Sonic Seizure
1 Anger
1 Chainflinger
1 Ember Beast
1 Jeska, Warrior Adept
1 Mad Dog
1 Pardic Arsonist

Land (17)
8 Mountain
9 Plains
Total (40)

Revelant Sideboard:
1 Tireless Tribe
1 Floating Shield
1 Frantic Putrification
2 Spirit Flare
1 Funeral Pyre
1 Flaring Pain
1 Acceptable Losses
1 Chainer's Edict ($$$)
*Lots of basic lands* but I didn't get to keep them

My deck is all goodness. Jeska is a bomb that proves lethal with white damage prevention. I brought in Tireless Tribe every game because I really needed a symbiote for Anger and Threshold. I got some lucky topdecks so I cruised undefeated to win the tournament, but I'd like to think there was skill involved somewhere along the way

Round 1: Saint Cornelius playing W/B

- Game 1 -

Saint mulligans but leads with Tireless Tribe to trump my Phantom Nomad, but my Hallowed Healer steps in. His MesFiend takes Anger instead of Chainflinger, so I totally wreck him with 'flinger and Anger until the game ends via Shelter + Firebolt.

- Game 2 -

In comes Tireless Tribe. I tell him he should've taken Chainflinger, he says he sucks at Magic.

I start with Mad Dog beats, Firebolt his Barbarian Bully (taking four), and become very puzzled when he drops Planar Chaos. After two turns of smashings, the Chaos leaves, so I am free to discard Anger to Tireless Tribe, drop Ember Beast, and win on turn 7 despite his 1/1 blockers.

Round 2: BillyGimp playing B/U

- Game 1 -

Gimp goes first, but starts discarding blue cards while my Ember Beast and friends run amok over his two swamps. Soon he Sickening Dreams my team away but unfortunately I'm playing with creatures. Burn spells keep his side clear while large toughness white guys smash.

- Game 2 -

My second turn Mad Dog deals 4 then 'trades' with a Mirror Wall with help from Sonic Seizure. His Organ Grinder is matched by my Blessed Orator and Teroh's Faithful, but he's got threshold thanks to Mental Note + Scrivener + Mental Note. His Cabal Torturor would have been strong except that my guys are 1/4 and 1/5. Soul Scourge hits me a couple times until thresholded Dirty Wererat shows up. Now I'm forced to Prismatic Strands for two turns while I build up dudes in my hand.

Fresh out of stall tactics, I drop Tireless Tribe and Chainflinger and cross my fingers. He goes for the Tribe and Coral Nets the Orator so it looks like I'm about to lose my team. I plan very carefully and let the Tribe die, saving my Mystic Visionary in hand to keep Blessed Orator alive one more turn. He has no tricks so I'm able to 'fling his Cabal Torturer and Soul Scourge before they kill me. I even topdeck Mystic Zealot to stop the air raid.

Surprisingly, he casts Sickening Dreams for 4 so everything dies. We both have 6 lands and stuck in topdeck mode, me at 6 and him at 11. I draw Lava Dart. He draws Treaherous Werewolf. BAD. He did mana burn for 1.

I topdeck my answer, Pardic Arsonist. However, I only have 2 mountains so I can't Arsonist + Lava Dart his guy effectively. I bad FTK him to 7 and let his Werewolf through so I'm at 2. He topdecked Crippling Fatigue's my Arsonist putting him at 4.

I draw a Mystic Familiar like a champ. He draws Puppeteer. My bird flies over for 2 and Lava Dart kills him all because he mana burned

Finals 3: Arturio playing R/U/b

- Game 1 -

I get to play first and lead with my previously game-winning Mystic Familiar. Anger joins in the fun but he's got Fiery Temper for Anger. Now all my guys are angry. Hasty Teroh's Faithful and Blessed Orator aren't scared of Hydromorph Gull.

Soon he's got a bunch of 5 mana 3/3s owning the table, but I get hasty Chainflinger and Jeska the Queen of Steam to rock his world. Jeska meets a Ghastly Demise and the 'flinger finds Fiery Temper #2.

Soon he gets Crypt Creeper to quell my Anger and his Gull starts to beat. I savagely rip Lightning Surge and his little brother Firebolt to completely melt his team. I soon have creature superiority and smash him easily.

- Game 2 -

I get the Mad Dog, Mystic Visionary, Anger, Jeska draw, but his MesFiend janks my Jeska. He trades with my Visionary, Firebolts my Anger and Crypt Creepers it. By now I have Jeska and Ember Beast smashing for 6. He gets an Aether Burst to save him from my turn 7 kill, but I draw a Sonic Seizure that I use when he taps out so I win my first online draft!!!

After 5 more drafts, I finally hit my unrecoverable loss so I've got 300 cards of OTJ. I commence trading for basic lands and a Domain engine to play in multiplayer. Domain is a really cheap build and allows me to play most any spell in the game.

If you find me online, I'm the guy filling the Multiplayer FFA tables with 1/1 Hippo tokens.


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