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A green and pinch of white powerdeck.
By Dick van der Velde
Here's the deck I currently play, and it works very well. It makes very good use of the graveyard and creatures can become superheroes with it. The only drawback is that you can still get the occasional mana screw, but apart from that it rocks. Here's the contents of the deck.

15 x Forest
5 x Plains
4 x Elfhame Palace

1 x Llanowar Elves
2 x Fyndhorn Elder

3 x Acorn Harvest
4 x Chatter Of The Squirrel
4 x Parallel Evolution
2 x Stream Of Life
4 x Crush Of Wurms
1 x Restock

4 x Squirrel Nest
4 x Mirari's Wake

4 x Coat Of Arms
1 x Caltrops

2 x Reclaim

Total 60 cards.

The strength of this deck is (I think), that it can be very fast, only condition is that you draw enough land in the beginning.
In the start you bring out the critters and/or extra mana creatures. Try to bring out Mirari's Wake ASAP. After that try to play Crush of Wurms, or else another Mirari's Wake with Coat of Arms. When you have about 4 or 5 tokens in play start with Parallel Evolution. Best part is that you get to play Parallel Evolution and Crush of Wurms from the graveyard. You have several combo's. Tokens with Coat of Arms, tokens with Parallel evolution and the boosts +1/+1 with Mirari's Wake. All in all it has served me well, but I'm open for improvements.

Advice is welcome so let me know. BTW I'm playing online, so I can only use 7th Edition, Planeshift, Odyssey, Invasion, Judgement.

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