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Wave of Reckogeddon - Casual Deck Article
By Kenneth Nagle

The first of my casual decks you get to see is built around an underrated Masques rare known as Wave of Reckoning. After reading this card, I thought, "Boy, that's a one-sided Wrath of God if you play it right!" Whenever I was playing Magic and losing I'd think, "What would Wave of Reckoning do right now?" The answer was "Wrath of God" everytime. If you survey the creatures out there you'll see that they all die to the Wave.

I got me ahold of four Wave of Reckonings and went to work. I grabbed some Disenchants for good measure. Looking through my White creature collection left me feeling blank. All these Knights and Clerics die to Wave of Reckoning. That stinks. Well, that's what makes the Wave so good, right? Good contenders were Radiant's Dragoons, Wall of Essence, and Master Healer. That's not my idea of wu-tang offensive creatures.

Look at that, Wave of Reckoning costs 4W, so I could very freely play a two-color deck. I turn the page and my heart lifts as my eyes pan a vista of Green creatures. Now I know why I play green.

Lots more creatures to choose from here, with the best ones like emeralds in the forest canopy. Ernham Djinn. Lhurgoyf. Elves won't work, but Birds of Paradise and Vine Trellis will.

Having out a Lhurgoyf, playing Wave of Reckoning killing all manner of Elves and Goblins, then swinging for 12 is not very fair. It occurred to me that if I hand Mana Birds and Vine Trellis and Yavimaya Elder, I might as well have a couple Armageddons because Ernham and Lhurgoyf love mana screwed opponents.

So that's the story of my ErnhamReckaGoyfGeddon deck. This deck, quoth Ben, is "nasty." He especially hates the Tradewind Rider splash. It has answers to most everything, and you get to swing with big green creatures. That's my kind of deck.

Are creatures popular in your group? Do you want to wreck their team? Do you want to blow up all lands, artifacts, and enchantments and smash face while they try to recover? Of course you do. Here's the deck.


Wave of Reckogeddon

Creatures (26)
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Vine Trellis
4 Yavimaya Elder
4 Ernham Djinn
3 Lhurgoyf
4 Radiant's Dragoons
1 Tradewind Rider
1 Mirri, Cat Warrior
1 Troubled Healer

Removal (14)
2 Serenity
2 Dismantling Blow
4 Swords to Plowshares
2 Armaggedon
4 Wave of Reckoning

Land (20)
2 Undiscovered Paradise
1 Island
5 Plains
12 Forest

Total (60)
AvgManaCost - 3.00
FOILS (4) - 1 Yavimaya Elder, 2 Vine Trellis, 1 Radiant's Dragoons
Song - Jean Michael Jarre - "Chronologie (Part IV)"

This deck accelerates out threats like Ernham Djinn, Lhurgoyf, and Radiant's Dragoons and then drops the bomb, Wave of Reckoning. With the opposing army left in ruins, you are free to savagely beat. Armageddon seals the deal and Swords to Plowshares handle regenerators and problem creatures like Lin Sivvi and Phantom Nishoba.


Birds of Paradise - Produces the mana you need for your other spells, survives Wave of Reckoning, and carries you through a 'geddon. Tap fodder for Tradewind and can chump block in the air. If you play green, get four of these and hold on; you'll be thankful.

Vine Trellis - Like a bigger BoP, these are much harder to kill and hold off the beats until your big guys show up.

Yavimaya Elder - Green's Ancestral for 3 land, the Elder gives you a chump blocker or mild attacker while fixing mana, providing card advantage, and fueling Lhurgoyf. Use these early and often for better draws.

Ernham Djinn - The reprinted beatstick, Ernie is four splashable mana of green fatness. I can't believe they reprinted this guy; he is quite unfair. Obviously R&D is being nice to green's four mana creatures.

Radiant's Dragoons - This massively defensive creature is the deck's saving grace against red. Burn spells can beat you if they nail your early guys, which leaves you with no defense. This deck needs its mana producing creatures and a timely Elder, which red can easily stop. The 'Goons also give you breathing room after your Djinns and Lhurgoyfs take control so you aren't burned out. An excellent creature that shores up lots of holes in the deck.

Lhurgoyf - The combo with the Wave. You have fuel with Elders and 'Goons, but your opponent's creatures burn brighter. A late game Lhurgoyf is pretty unfair. Don't you just love what 1 extra toughness can do?

Tradewind Rider - I splashed one of these to see if it would work, and it does. It gives you something to do with your extra Trellis and Bird, provides a land lock with 'Geddon, and is all around helpful for board control.

Mirri, Cat Warrior - Mirri is in most of my green decks. She is a great control creature and a win condition if your opponent has Forests.

Troubled Healer - I found this guy in my common box and she helps immensely against red. You can do tricks in multiplayer as well, which is always a plus.

Serenity - Decks use artifacts. Decks use enchantments. Yours doesn't. Punish them for their insolence.

Dismantling Blow - Serenity can't do it all. Artifacts and enchantments can be crippling, and a full turn can be too long to wait. You might also like to leave the Howling Mines alone for a change.

Swords to Plowshares - One mana spot removal for targetable, non-pro white creatures. Allows pinch life gain with Lhurgoyf. Few creatures live through the combo of Wave and Swords, and Morphling dies to Armageddon.

Armaggedon - You have Birds, Trellis, and Yavimaya Elder. They have no more creatures.

Wave of Reckoning - "Where'd all your guys go? To the graveyard, punk! Lhurgoyf is angry!"

Undiscovered Paradise - This tricky land always gives the right mana and survives Armageddon if you use it right.

Island - The lone island is fetchable with Yavimaya Elder for Tradewind or kicked Dismantling Blow.
Plains - These provide the white mana for your white spells. I use Odyssey #333 'Lightning Plains' exclusively.
Forest - I have a shortage of these because of my dozen or so constructed green decks. Prereleases help replenish my supply

Perhaps a more 'themed' version would have Armadillo Cloaks to better harness the power of the Wave. Other possible choices include Anurid Brushhopper, Brawn, Valor, Genesis, Glory, Nantuko Monastary, and the Phantoms from Judgment (that's alot of cards!). You could change the deck by playing Spidersilk Armor or Lashknife Barrier, which would allow most any creature base.

I feel the power of this deck lies in the two-fold vice of Wave of Reckoning and Armageddon. The Wave is a death knell for swarm decks that already have to fight through Walls, Elders, Erhams, and Dragoons. Their team disappears and they begin fueling their own demise to Lhurgoyf. Armageddon knocks the wind out of other decks with higher mana requirements. Serenity gives the deck yet another reset button at its disposal. Decks that can survive this kind of harsh treatment aren't common.


As the new guy at the local card shop a week after the Judgment Prerelease, I naturally wanted to show off my flare for creative decks. Everyone decided it would be a 4-player Free-For-All, so this is the deck I chose.

Around turn 6 or so, the game has finally gotten interesting. Brett has domain and an active Power Armor on his Utopia Tree (why do people love this card?) and a fresh Treva. Phil has a small but growing army of Goblins and Moggcatcher. Peter has Crystalline, Acidic, and Clot slivers and taps out for a tutored Sliver Queen. He's also got a Spirit of Resistance in play. Sliver reemage seems imminent.

My team is Birds, Trellis, Troubled Healer, Lhurgoyf, and Brushhopper. Googly eyes were on my 'hopper, as this was the first time we'd seen one hit the board (I swapped out a 'goon). My Seal fixes the 5/7 Utopia Tree. I play the my theme card, and everyone has to read it. Then everyone puts their creatures in the 'yard. Utopia Tree is all alone. Lhurgoyf is happy. I smash Sliver boy for 12 while everyone stares agog at the swing in board position. I couldn't have wished for a better first game with my new playgroup.

That, my friends, is the power of Wave of Reckoning. Next time you are wishing you had a Wrath of God, instead wish you were able to Wave goodbye to your opponent's creatures.

Until next time, may your opponent triple Squirrel block your Elephant neglecting your Lashknife Barrier.

Kenneth Nagle

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