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1.x Stompy Primer
By Matt "TJ" Saxon
Matt "TJ" Saxon
1.x Stompy Overview and Analasis

Stompy is a deck that's been around for awhile, but dropped-off a little ways back. I guess I take comfort in the fact that there might just be others like me who still play classic 10 Land Stompy. Let's start off with a quick generic version of 10 Land:

Beat-sticks and utility creatures(28):
4x Rogue Elephant
4x Skyshroud Elite
4x River Boa
4x Wild Dogs
4x Vine Dryad
4x Quirion Ranger
4x Elvish Lyrist

Pump, enhancers, and Winter Orbs(14):
4x Rancor
4x Briar Shield
3x Bounty of the Hunt
3x Winter Orb

The stuff that can for all intensive purposes be considered mana(18):
4x Land Grant
4x Elvish Spirit Guide
10x Forest

Not by any means my favorite build, but the purpose of this article is not to tell you what I would or would not play. So this was just a refresher for those who've seen the deck and a crash course for those who haven't.

Let's take a card by card look at the deck:

Rogue Elephant Ah yes. 3/3 for uno mana! Efficient yes? Drawback...not really. Who cares if you sac your only land, as long as your holding a Land Grant or Spirit Guide to recover from the small loss. Solid creature.

Skyshroud Elite There are very few situations then this guy isn't a 2/3 for one mana. Everything plays non-basics. and those who don't Wasteland. the Elite punishes Wasteland and makes it somewhat useless. For the remainder of decks dual lands are a consistant sight.

RiverBoa The seemingly second most played land of late next to duals of all colors might just be Islands making this guy a BOMB. Regeneration is usually good even if it means holding back your only land and/or Spirit guide for a Boa. Still a foxy little lady.

Wild Dogs You might ask why not play Ghazaban Ogre, wouldn't the extra toughness be better than cycling? My answer:when does the extra point of defence matter(trample excluded)? NEVER! All of Sligh's burn that could take out the Dogs could also take out the Ogre. My other reason is that there have been games that lasted longer than they should have and I ended up getting 3+ mana out where the cycling came in handy.

Vine Dryad Free instant creature, a fairly decent landwalk ability, good toughness...only gets better with pump. CAN I say more? When your looking at a Deed about to be popped, this guy is your best friend. He does all but quench your thirst.

Quirion Ranger This guy speeds up your mana SO much. He practically doubles your efficiency, and adds to your attack. Good Synergy with Winter Orb.

Elvish Lyrist Kill any enchantment for the price of one body and a mana? Sure why not? Great versus Donate Illusions and Raisin Bran. It also gets rid of those awefulZombie Infestations that have been running around. I've found a little trick you can pull if you find yourself under a Contamination lock: If you have a Lyrist in play remove an Elvish Lyrist from your hand to use it's ability there by getting around Contamination and destroying it. Good card.

Rancor The best creature enchantment ever printed quite probably. Adding two power to your creature as well as trample...? I think Wakefield was wrong when he said it wouldn't see play out side of limited, even the best of us are wrong on certain points. Did I mention it comes back to your hand? No, so, ya it bounces as well.

Briar Shield More pump/enhancers. Even though it lacks the suprise element of Giant Growth, it make up for it in the long run. Solid card.

Bounty of the HuntFree Giant Growth that can be spread over three creatures? Me likey! makes Fire/Ice pretty bad as well as any other small time burn Sligh can dish out.

Winter Orb This is the card that angers all decks except for Gro. It stalls, buys time and doesn't effect you to any extreme. Good synergy with rest of deck especially Quirion Ranger. Spiffy.

Land Grant Free land in hand that usually can be played immediatly after you fetch it. You do give out information about your hand but isn't it worth it? Yes.

Elvish Spirit Guide Free mana is good, unless you like paying for things...da.

Forest If you don't understand the simple concept of land quit Magic now!!

Now that your text books have been quickly browsed through, we can move on to variations on the generic 10 Land design...

First we find ourselves with a solid 9 Land variant. Most versions still play River Boa but others don't. this is understandable since 10 Land consistantly gets to 2-3 land and 9 land seldom has over 1-2. No big deal right? WRONG. You just got a big fat F. Instead of the Boa what do we play? Well, Ive found 3-4 alternatives. At the top, probably the best Idea is to add Skyshroud Ridgeback. Next on the list we find Hidden Gibbons, although this MAY depend on your local extended meta-game. For the third and fourth options I see Mtenda Lion and Ghazaban Ogre as the sub-standard options. The Lion just being bad and relagated to the sideboard or not at all. The Ogre isn't good with the Dogs already being in there. it's really your choice though so test the waters and watch for sharks. The other difference is a fourth Winter Orb or Bounty of the Hunt, depending on your choice.

The next variant, I would like to give props to Darsh, here at the CPA, for. It's designed to beat decks (esp. combo) that spontaneously win after turn four. It also fares better against Sligh than 9 or 10 land does. It trades out a few Stompy Standards for utility like Invigorate and Emerald Charms. Thank you Darsh.

There a number of other variants but they've all come from my hair brain experiments and inate and excruciating tweaks, I do not feel obliged to share them with the class.

Now, turn your attention towards the overhead for a lecture on sideboard options...

First off, Hidden Gibbons. I consider this a main-deck card, but that's me. Good versus Benzo, Gro, Sligh, Super Gro, anything that plays INSTANTS! Oviously good option.

Emerald Charm can take out any global enchantment that your Lyrist is to lazy to blow up, untap one of your critters so it can hang back on defence, or even take away flying from a pesky Mystic Enforcer...all at instant speed!

Rushwood Legate is awesome against blue, bad otherwise. A 2/1 for free. I don't like the fact that it's so plain though...a SMALL ability would be fun but still a good sideboard card.

Scavenger Folk can be good. Takes out any Cursed Scrolls that sligh might be playing. I can't think of many other uses for them right now though. I wouldn't use them heavily in the sideboard maybe 1 or 2. Just some basic utility to think about.

Spectral Bears can be good if you find yourself wanting bigger creatures more often to block your opponents attackers. If your playing 10 Land maybe try 2 maindeck because of the great synergy between them and the Quirion Rangers.

Mtenda Lion can replace Wild Dogs main deck in your area, depending on meta-game. Sometimes worth sideboarding but I find myself wanting something more from my sideboard choice. Try it.

Invigorate is one of my favorite options for Stompy's sideboard! It make's Cursed Scroll bad, Incinerate bad and makes chump blocking alot easier on you. BEAUTIFUL CARD!

Phyrexian Furnace is the best card against Reanimator and Benzo. If your playing 10 Land you might consider Ground Seal instead.

That pretty much sums up the article (abrupt ending I know), but what else is there?

If you have more extensive questions about how stompy matches up with other particular decks in the field, feel free to e-mail me at and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Rock loud and be heard.

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