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Sleight White at FNM
By Richard Koelsch
First off let me give you some background. I have been playing Magic since the Dark. I have only played in 1 PTQ during Tempest where I went 1-2 drop. I do not devote a lot of time to Magic but like everyone else I like to win. Now let us talk about the tourney.

I don't normally play netdecks. Mainly because if I built the deck I have a better understanding of how it should work than if I just copy the deck from the net. It probably also helps that I don't include high price cards in my design. So here is the deck.

4-Devoted Caretaker
4-Meddling Mage
4-Spectral Lynx
4-Galina's Knight
3-Lieutenant Kirtar
2-Blind Seer

4-Glorious Anthem
2-Dismantling Blow

4-Adarkar Wastes
3-Caves of Koilos
2-Skycloud Expanse
2-Coastal Tower
1-Salt Marsh

3-Obsidian Acolytes
3-Standard Bearer
1-Aegis of Honor
1-Teferi's Response

It was a small 12 man sanctioned tournament with most of the more serious players in our shop involved. Several Pro Tour hopefulls so I will not be using any names because I forgot to ask.
I was really happy that all of my matches were against really good players.

Round 1 Played against the dreaded Pyshcatog with Shadow mages

Game one
Got a Meddling Mage out early naming Tog but forgot about all the bounce this deck runs and couldn't protect it. Died to massive Tog after having all my blockers returned.

Game Two
Was much closer had a Devoted Caretaker and 2 Meddling Mages(1-Repulse, 1-Tog) but he managed to get 3 Shadowmage in play. I had taken out 1 Lieutenant and Blind Seer in order to try a rush but it didn't work.

Match 0-1 games 0-2

Match 2 against a Star Spangled Banner deck
Game one
turn 1 Devoted Caretaker he Fired it
turn 2 Galina's Knight he said oh no
Turn 3 Meddling Mage naming Rage he said Oh H***
game ended several turns later after having stopped 3 tries to remove the Meddling Mage

Game two
Once again turn 2 Galina's Knight, turn 3 Meddling Mage(Rage), Turn 4 Meddling Mage(Fire) this one ended much quicker.

Match 1-1 Games 2-2

Match 3 B/G/W goodies
Game one was mana screwed stopped at 2 lands(3 but 1 was vindicated. My one Meddling Mage(Deed) couldn't stop the hoard of Elephants and Mongrels

Game two was much closer. Getting suffient land I had several Lynx out along with 2 Meddling Mage(1-Deed, 1-Vindicate) drew a third Mage played him naming Spiritmonger(mistake) next turn he plays Mystic Enforcer(with threshold) that flew over my ground forces.

Match 4 Balancing Tings
Game one I was overconfident as I got out an early Mage(Balancing Act). But he showed me I really didn't understand that deck by proceeding to play around the mage. I lost when he vindicated the mage and combo'd out.

Game two played more cautiusly and was able to recover after a balancing act cast to slow me down. His Mongeese could handle my lynx.

Game three
He was able to develop well and I overextended to keep from being swarmed. Here is where Syncopate really let me down. He cast Balancing act which I countered tapping out. He didn't pay it and cast another and 2 Terravore(15/15)

Match 1-3 games 3-6

Lets talk about the card choices
Devoted Caretaker, Meddling Mage and Spectral Lynx all performed as expected.
Galina's Knight is the cards I should have looked at to side out in non-red matches.
Lieutenant Kirtar I was never unhappy to see him and never drew one with one in play. Should probably be 4.
Blind seer realy planned on doing some neat tricks with him but against the level of competition he doesn't cut the mustard. Drop.
Peeks are good for less than pro players was never sorry to see
Glorious Anthem was never really an issue only drew two all evening and they never made a difference but I need more testing.
Shelter worked well. A white cantrip counterspell. should be 4
Syncopate. very disappointing. never really helped except against star spangled banner. Drop.

The sideboard needs to be reworked. Here are the changes to my deck

-2 Blind Seer
-4 Syncopate
+1 Lieutenant Kirtar
+1 Shelter
+2 Fact or Fiction
+2 Voice of All

Let me know what you think and remember

Defense! Defense! Defense!

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