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Hey, Traumatize has been a card I have wanted to play ever since I saw the odyssey list. I decided to pull together a somewhat original idea using Traumatize to deck my opponent. Yeah Traumatize Millstone isn't exactly original but no one is playing it right now. I know the "Combo" Traumatize Haunting Echoes but it just doesn't seem like it could be pulled off without way too much extra work. White / Blue seems to be the way to go. Yeah I have this current lack of Absorbs but other then that the deck seems to work pretty well. Ancestral Tribute is included as a single copy because sometimes R/G beats can hit you very hard and gaining twenty life is always a fun thing to do. Life burst is in because of the quick burst of life that can get up to sixteen life is often very useful. Okay, on to the deck.

1-Ancestral Tribute
2-Teferi's Moat
4-Wrath of God
3-Fact or Fiction
4-Life Burst
4-Howling Mine
4-Adarkar Wastes
2-Coastal Tower

Okay, heres some card explanations.
Repulse - This was gonna be Ensnaring Bridge but the Bridge works terribly with the Howling Mines, and even without a mine they can easily wait till I draw countermagic. Repulse is very affective against creatures as it is and with countermagic it is very powerful.
Teferi's Moat ~ Kills green red beats apon resolution, 'nuff said.
Wrath of God ~ Hmm I am running zero creatures and other decks do... Yes Wrath is a very efficiant sollution to Red / Green quickness and is easier than Rout due too it's casting cost not conflicting with Traumatize.
Howling Mine - Yes this is a questionable choice. Howling Mine has appeared to be useful especially after a Traumatize has been played. Also giving my opponent the ability to draw more cards doesn't bother me so much playing Tefiri's Moat and Wrath of God. Against other control decks sideboard out these for Gainsay.
Lifeburst - Like I said above, provides survival into the long game and can save you from death by kickered Urza's Rage.
Ancestral Tribute - Yes, this card is very stupid but easily can gain thirty life when cast at the correct time.
Exclude - Counter a creature, draw a card. Not bad but too conditional to deserve more slots.
Counterspell - Duh
Fact or Fiction - The most efficiant card drawer in type two, should have been a rare.
Syncopate - Useful countermagic and is domination against Call of the Herd and Beast Attack.
Millstone - Win condition...
Traumatize - Without this you're in for a LONG game.

4-Orim's Chant
3-Rushing River
2-Dismantaling Blow

Gainsay - Take out Howling Mines or Wraths against other control.
Hibernation - Anti Green Red deck tech
Orim's Chant - More Anti Control
Rushing River - Three words Price Of Progress
Dismantiling Blow - More anti artifact and enchantment

There's the deck, play this deck especially if there is lots of Green Red decks, if the feild is mostly control then it will be harder but can still win if played correctly. Any comments, suggestions, complaints, whatever, send to

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