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Pennsylvania States 2001
By Ryan Shelkey
PENNSYLVANIA STATES 2001 by Ryan Shelkey

Well its 5:15 in the morning and me and my two friends Adam and Nathan wake up to get ready to leave for states. We were originally supposed to go to church but we figured weíd beat the crowd and skip church. When we arrived there was someone there playing a wizards deck which I found pretty interesting (not to mention it finished top 2). After the scramble for Call of the Herds, Spellbane Centaurs, and Shadowmage Infultrators the tournament finally started.

The Deck:

The Land:
5 Islands
7 Forests
2 Plains
2 Coastal Tower
2 Sungrass Prairie
1 Skycloud Expanse
3 Trevaís Ruins
2 Yavimaya Coast

The Creatures:
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Wild Mongrel
4 Gaeaís Skyfolk
4 Questing Phelddagrif

The Others:
4 Counterspell
4 Absorb
4 Fact or Fiction
4 Armadillo Cloaks
3 Dueling Grounds
3 Trevaís Charm

Sideboard: (couldnít find Spellbane Centaurs)
3 Aegis of Honor
3 Cop: Green
2 Hibernation
2 Wrath of God
2 Teririís Moat
2 Kavu Chameleon

And finally we get to the playing..........


GAME 1: Well the guy I was playing was pretty much mute the whole game so I didnít get much out of him accept for a few head nods and some ďokísĒ. He was playing a not so good version of R/G beats and he played a Thornscape Familiar so i figure ok no biggie but what I didnít know is that the only creature i drew was a Birds of Paradise and 14 more land to add on to it. I cloaked the Bird of Paradise and gained a few life until he used Urza;s Rage to kill it then I eventually lost to a Thornscape Familiar beatdown.

GAME 2: I sided in 2 Wrath of God and 2 Cop Green after he first game. He threw out a bunch of creatures I threw out a Dueling Grounds and dealt 10 with a Gaea;s Skyfolk over 5 turns then played a Questing Pheldaggrif and dealt him 10 the next turn and that was game.

GAME 3: He started out pretty fast this game so I let him throw out a Llanowar Elf, Bop, and 2 Familiars until I wrathed then next turn played a Phelddagrif and dealt him 4 then cloaked it and next turn dealt him 10 once again and that was match.

2-1 Me


GAME 1: I didnít get my opponents name for this one but he was a really nice guy and was playing a tough R/U/B Finkel deck. The first game was pretty even with his 2 infultrators and Nightscape Familiars being held back by a Dueling Grounds so I was only getting 1 per turn and i was hitting back with a Phelagriff then I was at 10 and he was at 11 and he kicked a Rage and killed me.

GAME 2:I sided in 2 Gaeaís Herald and 2 Aegis of Honor. Well I didnít draw any of my sideboard cards and once again it was a pretty even game until he once again kicked a Rage. So he got the best of me this time.

2-0 Him



GAME 1: This round I was starting a Green beats deck right in the eye. First game he threw out a lot of tokens and such but i had a Dueling Grounds in play so it was no big deal. I played a hippo 5th turn then cloaked it 6th. Need I say more? I won pretty quick.

GAME 2: I sided in 2 Wrath,2,Cop Green, 2 Hibernation, and 2 Tefiriís Moat (a lot of cards huh?). He threw a lot of creatures out early so I threw out a Dueling Grounds and took a few points of damage then I Wrathed 5th turn and played a hippo 6th. By the time 7th turn came around I had myself a cloaked hippo again and he was at 12 and I gave the hippo flying and he Hurricaned for 6 so I Pumped the hippo once so we both took 6 which put him at 6 then I attacked for 7 and that was game.

2-0 Me



GAME 1:At the beginning of this round I was feeling pretty confident about my deck....that wouldnt last long. The first game all I could tell was he was playing R/G/B creature hate deck so i wasnít too worried knowing i have pro black and red hippo and thatís how i won the first game i threw out a hippo and cloaked it and dealt him the rest of the damage that his Plague Spitter had already helped me out with.

GAME 2: I didnít really have nothing against this deck so I didnít side anything in. The first game went pretty smooth and I figured Iíd just blow through this guy. Well that thought stopped as soon as a Spiritmonger hit play. Luckily I top decked a Trevaís Charm and removed it but he top decked another monger and played it and my Skyfolk couldnít compete so I lost this one.

GAME 3: This was a big game so I was pretty focused and I got out to a good start my Skyfolkís and Wild Mongrel got him down to 4 then he played Void and named 2 so they died. Next turn I play a hippo and once again he plays Void and chooses 4 and takes 2 Fact or Fictions from my hand because i only had 3 land open and couldnít cast any of them. So then he played a Blazing Specter and a Thunderscape Battlemage and that pretty much took care of the rest of the game.

2-1 him



GAME 1:After the last round I was in a must win situation if I wanted to place fairly high. In the first game the guy got land screwed and took about 6 damage from his own painlands and about 6 from his Phyrexian Arena so I had little work to do. He was playing some Holistic Wisdom deck it was B/W/G.and I won the first game with a Wild Mongrel dealing the last 8 damage.

GAME 2: Once again I have nothing to side in against this guy so I just went with what I had. This game wasnít as bad for him with a few early Gerrardís Verdict and Duress I was in trouble. I drew a few Fact or Fictions and ended up getting and hippo and a cloak and 2 Absorbs to back it up so I won the game and match.

2-0 ME



GAME 1: This was my by far the deck I wanted to play most and I knew I was playing it as soon as the Merfolk looter hit the table.....U/W Opposition. The first game wasnít even funny he got the Opposition and Orb out with about 6 creatures so i conceded because I had no chance. Even if I would have drew a enchantment killer he had 3 Devoted Caretakers in play to protect his stuff so there was no use.

GAME 2: Since I couldnít get any Spellbane Centaurs I had nothing to side in against this except 2 Wrath of God. This game went a little different I drew a Hand of a Island,Yavimaya Coast, 2 Gaeaís Skyfolk,2 Trevaís Charm, and an Absorb. So I played my Skyfloks early and let a Opposition go through and killed it at end of turn. Then dealt the rest of the damage with the Skyfolks and the 2 Absorbs and 2 Counterspells helped too.

Game 3: This was such a bad game for me I canít even stand to talk about it. I am still hating myself for it. The game wasnít even close because I somehow got a Questing Phelddagrif in play and got him down to 7 with it and some help of his painlands. So he is at 7 and has a opposition in play with no creatures. I DONíT declare my attack phase and just say ďI will pump the hippo up 3Ē and he used the tokens to tap the Questing Phelddagrif. If I Would have just said ďbefore damage is dealt I will pump himĒ I would have won. I canít concentrate on the game and even though I am at 21 I concede. I HATE MYSELF!

Him 2-1



GAME 1: At this point I was just hoping to finish at a even record. Once again I was playing Opposition but this one was U/G/R. The first game went pretty smoothly and I killed his Opposition with a Trevaís Charm and played a Questing Phelddagrif and that was game.

GAME 2: This game I sided in 2 Hibernations and 2 Wrath of God because I noticed he was playing with a lot of tokens. This game he just overflowed with tokens and I couldnít handle it he had 2 Call of the Herd tokens in play and 2 Beast Attack tokens in play and I didnít draw and Wrath of God or Hibernation so I lost this one.

GAME 3: This game was just mass counters. I got a Gaeaís Skyfolk out fast and got him down to 11 then he played a Flametongue Kavu and killed it and countered everything I had from there on and won with the Kavu.

2-1 him



My opponent was a no show so I got a free win which is kind of cheap.

2-0 me



Well I finished a little worse than i hoped I would at he beginning of the day but its ok it was a real fun day and Iím sure I learned a few things. This was my first states tournament ever. I stayed for the first 3 games or the last round and a guy playing R/G/U against a very cool Wizardry deck. It was 2-1 R/G/U when I left. They were playing best of 5. I would like to congratulate the winner if they see this. I will see all of you PA players at the Extended PTQ in January.

- Ryan Shelkey

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