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Troll Deck
By Majere666
My current serious deck is a blue/red extended counter burn deck. About a month ago I was feeling a little saucy (not to mention bored with 30 minute long control games) so as a spoof I built the end all be all to fun decks: The Troll deck. Needless to say I got a lot of heat at our local gaming spot. Most people just looked at it and snorted. I'll leave that choice up to you, my casual brothers (and maybe a few sisters =).

Here is the list:

4x Jungle Trolls
4x Albino Trolls
4x Skyshroud Trolls (says Summon Giant, but what the hey)
4x Uthden Trolls

2x Fireballs
2x Hurricanes

4x Giant Growths
4x Blood Lusts
4x Incinerates

2x Stormbinds
3x Rancors

2x Smoldering Craters
2x Slippery Karsts
2x Karplusan Forests
8x Mountains
9x Forests

Artifact destruction comes in the form of Pillages, which I believe fit the theme better than Shatters. This deck is fast and very fun (especially when you act like the trolls while playing it). Any suggestions, as long as they fit the theme of big dumb trolls, would be appreciated.

"Hope is the denial of reality"
- Raistlin Majere


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