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Peasant Magic Format
By Jason A. Chapman
This year at GenCon, a new format was introduced called Peasant Magic designed for those with peasant sized budgets. It was an instant hit and attracted over 90 players for the first ever tournament. Since then other sites such as Card-Sharks and Pojo have developed Peasant Magic areas on their web pages and their is an active newsgroup on yahoo. Here is the breakdown of the rules:

Decks may consist of at least sixty cards, containing:

*Cards from any published Magic set wherein cards were assigned a rarity value by WotC. This includes Unglued, Starter, and Portal, but does not include promotional cards or cards from pre-built sets like Vangaurd.
*No more than five (5) uncommon cards.
*No (zero, 0, nada, zilch, empty-set) rare cards.
*At least 55 common cards.
*There may be no more than four (4) copies of any single card except basic land.
* Snow-covered land counts as a basic land.
*In the event that a deck contained cards that must be physically destroyed to be used (re: Chaos Confetti from Unglued), players were allowed to replace the destroyed card after each game in which they destroyed a copy of the card.
* If a player runs out of copies of a card, then they must fill their deck with basic land(s) of their choice.
* (currently being debated) If a card is printed on an uncommons sheet it is considered uncommon, if it is printed on a commons sheet it is considered common (for the U1, C1 rarity sets)
*If a card is listed with two different rarities in two different editions, use the most common rating for calculating rarity. For example, Wyluli Wolf is Rare in Fifth Edition, but Common in Arabian Nights. For Peasant Master tourneys, Wyluli Wolf is Common.

Decks are mostly very cheap and it's really amazing what can be done. Of course the first decks were all beatdown but since then people have introduced mono-blue combo decks that kill on turn 4 or 5 and millstone decks and all sorts of other crazy stuff. This format is great fun for all!!!

Feel free to visit the home page

or the newsgroup


P.S. Thanks Rob for a great format!!!

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