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The Collector and the Casual Player
By Luis Lopez
This is my first attempt at an article for the CPA. I wish to introduce another minority voice in this alliance. The Collector AND Casual Player

My name is Luis Lopez and I live in Tampa, FL. My best friend introduced me to Magic over 2 years ago (around Visions). I remember clearly my first time opening boosters. I knew then that I was hooked. I loved the concept of the game, the art, the flavor texts, storylines and most of all, the fact that it was collectible. Playing a collectable card game? I had never heard of such a concept. I remembered my baseball card collection as a kid (which my mother promptly dumped as soon as I moved out of my home). I never considered of playing with them.

For some reason I have always enjoyed the challenge of completing a collection. In Magic I found a way to compliment my hobbies: fantasy games and collecting.

My humble collection, which started with about 20 5th Edition boosters, 3 Ice Age starters, 3 Mirage starters and 2 Visions boosters has grown considerably since that day. I am closer now to finishing my goal. I want to have "players sets" (4 of each card in each set). My first decision was to choose which sets I wanted to collect. Of course, I would have liked to have a Limited Alpha set, but at this point in time that is just not feasible (a combination of reasons including economics and availability). I decided to go for these sets: Fallen Empires, Ice Age Cycle (Ice Age, Homelands, Alliances), Mirage Cycle (Mirage, Visions, Weatherlight), Rath Cycle (Tempest, Stronghold, Exodus), Urza's Cycle (Saga, Legacy, Destiny) and hopefully, beyond (the hopeful part is not waning interest or time but money) J.

My Magic-playing friends and me play on the weekends. Unfortunately, they live in Jacksonville, about 3 hours away. Our games are sporadic but when they happen, they become all-day affairs. Playing Magic to me just adds to its charm. It completes the experience, so to speak. I know that this may sound strange for some people, but believe me; the thrill of finding that ONE rare card you have been looking for a long time is as exciting to me as pulling off a wacky Deathlace/Northern Paladin combo. I hope to make collectors an active voice in the CPA by including articles that somehow, hopefully, combine casual play and collectors issues.

Future article ideas encompass many areas. These include understanding what the secondary market is, collecting trends, histories for each set including time frame, amount of cards printed (when known), exceptional cards in the set, and hot cards to have in terms of second market value. I also want to touch on tidbit reviews gathered from other net sites regarding collectability and pricing, review software that helps the casual player and collector keep up with their collection, etc. I welcome, make that encourage, implore, that CPA members let me know what other topics fit under this area of interest.

Luis Lopez
CPA member

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