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That "Dirty Combo Feel" and the Power 9
By Kirsin Koch
There's an argument in the CPA forums currently on whether or not it would be right to reprint the Power 9 and such. As an admin, I have special privileges to view articles before they hit our site and TomB stated something so true that it's the words I've been looking for and could never express before. And so, inspired these words, I had to write.

Playing with the Moxes and Black Loti of Magic: The Gathering is simply that. Magic. There's nothing quite like looking at a Mox Emerald before you throw it down to play some awesomely expensive creature on turn 2.

To me, the Moxes and such are the reason the colorless cards of Magic are called artifacts. They exude this power and antiquity that can't be found anywhere else. The word Mox just sounds cool to me!

Think of power cards for just a minute. What comes to mind at least a bit for any of us? Don't we all have some sort of favorite artifact? I fondly remember being squashed by a Juggernaut enchanted with Instill Energy and thinking, "Man! That thing is deadly! I have to have one!" Of course, at that time we thought if something was untapped it could attack again. You live and learn!

But the other day, I messing around with my latest creation, my version of a Mono-Brown deck with massive card-drawing capabilities and big direct damage (19 points of damage on turn 3 one time) against my wife. Now she wasn't feeling too good and had decided to humor me by playing a blue deck with a hefty amount of counterspells.

She never drew more than 1 Island in 12 cards. (In 2 games! You could attribute it to bad shuffling I guess.)

I clobbered her with tons of stuff on the board... and it finally happened to me. I felt what people have been referring to for forever and I never had known it until then. It's "that dirty combo feel" after you wipe someone so completely that it wasn't a game at all. It was them simply scooping after absolutely no interaction. To put it plainly, it sucks.

That game didn't have that Magic feeling after I had used 2 Mana Crypts and other things. I almost felt sick because I was doing exactly what we stand against. I was propagating a lack of fun in Magic.

I think I truly understand why the Power 9 and many other cards should never be reprinted no matter what we think we want. They are unbalancing. When both players are using them, the whole game truly becomes who gets the power first and BOOM! Itís not fun anymore. Itís not a challenge. Itís only a race to pull off your win first.

I still love my deck. I haven't torn it apart yet. But for my own sake and that of others, I'm not using in a single player duel except under certain circumstances. In multiplayer, I'll see how I feel after playing with it before I pass judgement to tear it apart and play something better for me.

Believe me people, for the good of the game, the Power 9 should not be reprinted. Do I want them? HELL YES! What would I do with them? SQUASH ANYONE I CAN! Do I need them? No, I'll just end putting them in a binder. I'll sit there thinking, "These are too pretty to play with. I need to wait until there's a real need for them first. Then I'll use them." And it wonít be worth it.

Personally, I hope and pray that WotC will never reprint the Moxes in their current form. The Mox Diamond was balanced. It's hard to effectively get it out 85% without some sort of problem and it's available still at a more reasonable price. And I have 2 already which I never use anyway. (No, Iím not trading or selling either. Theyíre my boasting cards! )

Now, if Wizards ever wises up and uses my Cursed Moxes idea, that dirty combo feel won't be nearly as bad. But until then, I hope Terrain Generator, Grim Monolith, and Exploration are the fastest mana acceleration we get for a while.

Until the world stops playing, make mine Magic!

-Kirsin Koch
"Dune Echo" CPA Founder and very proud of it.

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