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Different Tournament, Different Deck
By Ashton Broome

So I won an IBC Tournament with the previously posted Patriot deck (see article for info). We had a local Type II Tournament today..with a variety of decks entered (R/W/B Fervent Charge and Desolation Angel; U/W/B Counter; Land Destruction). I went in with a completely untested deck and won. I'd like to post it and get feedback on this one also. Let the record show I came up with this deck at 7 PM Friday night (today being Saturday) watching a movie. So here's the deck with the sideboard as it was, then some post-tournament changes and justifications.

Main Deck
4x Urza's Rage
4x Prophetic Bolt
4x Fact or Fiction
4x Fire/Ice
4x Spite/Malice
4x Undermine
2x Rhystic Tutor
2x Void
2x Lobotomy
2x Terminate
2x Denying Wind
2x Mahamoti Djinn
4x Shivan Reef
4x Salt Marsh
4x Mountains
4x Swamps
6x Islands
2x Urborg Volcano

1x Stormscape Master
2x Terminate
2x Disenchant
2x Dismantling Blow
4x Coastal Tower
4x Despoil

I wanted to build a deck that had damage-dealing cards with other uses. One good example is Despoil. Nice removal for Rishadan Port and causes a LOSS OF LIFE. That was a side theme that I wanted to employ. I had 8 cards that caused a total of 20 loss of life, which can't be prevented or stopped. In addition, I used the Stormscape Master for the same reason (The black ability is useful also). Other cards in this category are Fire/Ice, Prophetic Bolt, and Undermine.

Here's the reasons for some of the cards that people looked at me today with a puzzled face. Denying Wind is a card that can totally break a late-game open. Plus it's fun to have the visceral pleasure of removing 7 cards from your opponent's library. It is a card that can single-handedly cripple your opponent's deck if played at the right time, similar to Lobotomy. In retrospect, I would remove them from the main-deck and sideboard them, playing them only if my opponent isn't using blue or land destruction. (both of which I faced).

Rhystic Tutor is a good early-game card. Played at the right time, it gets you what you want. I would leave those in there at any time. Void is a wonderful card also, but I would probably sideboard those and replace them with Ghitu Fire (along with the Denying Winds). It's more efficient targeted removal and I would bring Void in if the opponent plays untargetables.

The new sideboard would be the following:

4x Despoil
4x Gainsay (built the sideboard last, forgot it)
2x Terminate
2x Void
2x Denying Wind
1x Stormscape Master

My early concern was artifact/enchantment, but during the tournament I realized I could counter them and utilize other things to make a better sideboard. The other change would be to put Accumulated Knowledge in the main deck and sideboard Fact or Fiction. The only reason for this comes from the fact that both are good card engines, but Accumulated Knowledge can hurt if my opponent is using the card also.

At any rate, post replies with info, feedback, suggestions, or anything else. Take care folks and enjoy the game!!!

"There is a future in which I can see only mist and a single shadow."
Vindicated Desolation

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