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A Patriot Deck geared to post-Masques era
By Ashton Broome this is my first article..and I hope I'm putting it in the right place..don't flame me if I sent it the wrong way

[You can flame me... Chaos Turtle didn't put any notes on it so I'm just putting it up - Spidey]

I recently won a tournament with this deck. It's red, blue, and white, geared towards a post-Masques era. The reason for this is that I'm one of those few players who HATES Rishadan Port so much that I won't play it, nor will I trade my soul to get four of them (which it seems you have to do of late). Anywho, enough of my ranting *grin* Here's the deck list/sideboard with an explanation of what it's supposed to do. I will also explain choosing some cards over others.

6x Mountain
6x Island
4x Coastal Tower
4x Shivan Reef
4x Battlefield Forge
4x Fire/Ice
4x Prophetic Bolt
4x Suffocating Blast
4x Lashknife Barrier
4x Mogg Sentry
4x Lightning Angel
4x Meddling Mage
4x Rakavolver
2x Illuminate
1x Orim's Thunder
1x Dismantling Blow

4x Spectral Lynx
4x Wash Out
4x Mask of Intolerance
3x Orim's Thunder

Now..yes this deck is mostly Apocalypse. It began as an Invasion-block deck. Hence my choices of Suffocating Blast over Counterspell. My choices for the sideboard reflect the local tournament environment. People like 5-color or Green/White.

There are several questions I've been asked about this deck. First: Why did I play the Meddling Mages in the main deck? My answer is that it's a good option to have. Usually by the time I play it I have a good idea of what my opponent is playing. I would rather have the option to shut his Terminates off then lose four creatures to them.

Second: Why Lashknife Barrier? Two reasons..It keeps my creatures alive, and it replaces itself.

Third: Illuminate? A one-word Question deserves a one-word answer: Kickers. Either kicker, however expensive, can break a game open.

Lastly: Mogg Sentry?? Yeah, I like the card. Here's why. Most people NEVER see it. So they cast a few spells..then attack..and end up losing a creature to a 7/7 Mogg Sentry that they created. Plus, it was a good one-drop creature in a deck that desperately needed one. I've said my piece. Now it is your turn. If you think it's worth it, proxy the deck or build it on Apprentice and tell me what you think. I welcome ideas and variations. Anyone that states Apocalypse hasn't changed the face of the game has been in a hole for the past month *grin* Game on and hope this one gets posted!

"There is a future in which I can see only mist and a single shadow"
Vindicated Desolation

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