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Cursed Moxes
By Kirsin Koch
Recently, while checking out another BB, I saw someone posting new "fixed" versions of the Moxes. Mostly these were thematic I-tap-you-gain-something-in-return ideas. Although a nice idea, I don't think they would work. Moxes, by nature are entirely too powerful by themselves and especially in conjunction with one another because they allow you to break the One Land Per Turn rule. The question remains, how does one make a new Mox without reprinting Mox Diamond and still make it worth using? I think the only way to get Mox-like cards back into the game (other than just reprinting them) would be with a mechanic that will make players restrict these to one per deck or in play at time in and of themselves. Since they work so well together, you have to make them not work so well together. What I came up with was this:


Malachite Pendant (or Cursed Mox Emerald) 0
Whenever an artifact is tapped, Malachite Pendant deals 1 damage to you.
T: Add G to your mana pool and Malachite Pendant deals 1 damage to you.

If all the "Cursed Moxes" were this way, then they would not be able to abuse them in fast artifact decks without significant life gain, Necro and Bargain decks wouldn't use them, and Dark Ritual and green's fast mana could still compete. They would also naturally restrict themselves. If you have four of these in your opening hand, to tap the first one, you would take two damage, to tap the second one, you would take three damage, then after the third, you would take four damage, and finally the fourth one would deal five damage. That's 14 damage in compensation for going around the 1 land per turn rule and your opponent has a way to use them against you. Thus, these cards would naturally restrict themselves. Alternately, you could keep the cumulative approach and get thematic which would be interesting and might provide another nice T2 possibility. For example, the Lapis Lazuli Pendant (Cursed Mox Sapphire) would let your opponent have the option of drawing a card anytime an artifact is tapped instead of dealing damage to you. The Nacre Pendant (Cursed Mox Pearl) would give your opponent 1 life anytime an artifact is tapped. The Brimstone Pendant (Cursed Mox Ruby) would still deal damage to you of course, while the Onyx Pendant (Cursed Mox Jet) might add optional mana of any color to your opponent's mana pool. The Malachite Pendant could put a creature into play under your opponent's control, similar to Varchild's War-Riders. Of course, the alternative versions wouldn't all deal damage to you for tapping them and the cumulative mechanic would have to be reworked so that your opponent gains something every time you tap an aritfact. The straight-damage versions also allow for you to donate it to your opponent and begin tapping lots of artifacts.

Thematic mechanics could be worked around however. The green version could be included with Warmonger and Thrashing Wumpus and Pestilence. The red could be combined with life gain. Many of these would be included in off-color decks to offset their disadvantages this way. Or to make the first idea stronger, the new versions could be limited in only doing damage when an artifact is tapped, not also when they are tapped for mana. However, I feel that a version like this could still be broken and would not naturally restrict themselves. Also, compared to painlands, two points of damage for tapping a single "Cursed Mox" in play would be a comparable level for breaking the One Land Per Turn rule I think.

And before you say these suck, think about Mana Crypt. A 50% chance of three damage a round per Crypt and it's still restricted in Type 1. A cumulative mechanic would keep the "Cursed Moxes" from working in conjunction with each other and other tapping artifacts in such an overpowering way as the regular Moxes. Also, this kind of mechanic would keep these versions from overrunning the tournament scene and multiplayer. Also, everyone's Diamonds (Mox and otherwise) would still be valuable on the secondary market while giving players an opportunity to get true Mox-like cards that will naturally restrict themselves. So come on, R&D? What do you think? It's a great way to the Mox name on another card

Founding and proud member of the Casual Player's Alliance,
Kirsin Koch
(Dune Echo)

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