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A Casual Regionals Day
By Mark "Ransac" Wanich
Saturday Morning, 5:00 AM. I wake up ready for today, knowing that I am going to win Regionals, seeing as how I had already promised the guys that I would. After eating breakfast and showering (a big must), wake up my brother, Prince RXI, and tell him we have to go. He eats, but doesn't shower (don't ask how bad the drive was). We get out decks. He has Machine Head. I have a very, very, VERY perfected skies deck. In fact, up until the tournament, I had never been dealt damage by a fires deck while playing with this deck. I thought the world was mine for the taking.

We disembark for my friend Spencer's (sole specter) house to take him with us. He is already awake and bring his nether-go deck with him. I then inform my brother to move to the back seat and Spencer to go to the front seat, so we have a whole middle seat for our final passenger: Theorgg. After some confusing directions, we finally make it to his house and he bring his BIG BOX with him, as usual. He doesn't have the money to play in the tournament, but he will judge side events and play big, casual games.

After driving the wrong way for about a half hour, we arrive at Winston hall. Many people have already registered and it looked very crowded. So, I shove my way through and grab a registration sheet and some pens. We find a table and I start making some small adjustments to my deck, namely a Rath's Edge which later would save my butt a few times. Theorgg then opens the BIG BOX and starts a multiplayer game with his casual decks. The players: Theorgg, Prince RXI, Ransac, and a kid named Beau. I randomly chose a B/U color changing, destruction deck. After a while, Beau quits, as does Prince RXI. After exchanging many blows, Theorgg gets silly and taps his invisible mountain to cast an invisible shock on me. respond by tapping my invisible swamp and mountain to cast my invisible terminate on Theorgg. He says "EXCREMENT" and bows before me, being the only one random enough to terminate Theorgg twice to win the game.

I walk around for a while and something shiny catches my eye, namely a foil Dominate for $5. After the purchase I went back to take a non-foil one out of my deck. I then register the deck. Afterwards, I met a guy that had several foil Islands for trade. I forget what I traded him, but I got 15 foil islands, 3 foil withdraws, and a foil Rishadan Airship, all of which went in my deck. at this point, Theorgg mentions that my deck hurts his eyes (heh-heh-heh).

After this, Mr.Pestilence walks in and we yell and yell at him to come over here, but he can't hear us. Finally, I screamed at the top of my lungs "TODD!!!!!!!!!". Mr.Pestilence looks over and sees us. After sitting with us, he shows us his deck, which Theorgg and I like to call "Razing Snidd". We all think he has a good chance with the deck, seeing as how he recently won a local tournament with it. He then looked at my deck and told me that he hates Islands.

Now, the head judge makes the announcement that last year, they had 250 people at this event and expected a slight increase. Let me tell you, at this point, it wasn't slight as we were nearing the 400 mark, which would end at 440. Seeing how there were more than expected, they ask for volunteers to help put up more tables. Theorgg is the only one of us that did. Before this, RabidKimba sat with us and started conversing with me. When Theorgg left, I grabbed a small piece of paper and try to think of something random, which I do. I write on the paper "DA BEEN!!!!", which I annoy everybody with throughout the tournament.

The tournament is just about to start and they inform us that, due to the large number of people, there will be 11 rounds. The only I am thinking is "Why didn't I bring some No-Doz?" Pairings are put up and it's off to the tournament.

Note: Due to the large number of rounds, I felt that I should not write intricate match reports. I tried to summarize these as briefly as possible. Many games are only one sentence.

Round one: Ransac (Skies) vs. John Reno (R/B)
Game 1: He starts off short on land. Game carries for twenty minutes before I run him over with Spiketail Hatchlings.
Game 2: He mulligans once and is stuck low on mana again. Airship flies.
The only one of us that won 1st round were myself and Spencer.

Round two: Ransac (1-0)(Skies) vs. Rod Bohn (R/B)
Game 1: This player's deck was put together better than my last opponent's. He terminates my Airship, but I eventually get an Air Elemental in play and win.
Game 2: He parises and draws 6. He smiles and drops a 1st turn Plague Spitter. I never recover.
Game 3: The damage goes back and forth. I dominate his creatures and then he kills them. After most of our supplies are drained, I get 2 chills and an air elemental in play. I then lay Rath's Edge and I win the game.

I go to check the standings and am pleased to see that I am in the top 32. I rejoice and smile because I get to play on one of the front rows of tables.

Round 3: Ransac (2-0)(skies) vs. Chris Lovelace(Eye-Go)
Game 1: Knowing I don't do well before sideboard against this deck, I get buried.
Game 2: He only got 3 lands in 7 turns and he concedes.
Game 3: Great game. After back and forth damage, the winner would be the one to draw Accumulated Knowledge first. Unfortunately, it was him.
Quick note: This opponent made top 8 and is going to Nationals.

I talk with Spencer after this round and he has dropped to 1-2 and he's very upset. After convincing him to stay, round 4 starts.

Round 4: Ransac (2-1)(skies) vs. Ian Mayberry(B/U)
Game 1: Nice Game. Airship flies. Opponent dies.
Game 2: Before this game started, he informed me that his main theme hasn't been shown yet. Good game. Airship Flies. Agenda fries. Opponent dies.
Bonus Game: We enjoyed playing each other so much that after I turn in our results, we played another game. I let the Agenda resolve this time, me with plenty of counters in hand. I dominate his Familiar. Nice Game. Familiar doesn't fly, but does the job.

I check the standings again and rejoice again because I am once again in top 32. I inform Theorgg, who is playing a game with Sammy Dead-O. After watching them play, I hurry to my 5th round.

Round 5: Ransac (3-1)(skies) vs. Tim Krzywicki(fires)
Before the game started, we talked about how cool it is to be this high.
Game 1: I get burned for the very first time by Fires.
Game 2: Pardon him while he Bursts.....and wins.
Note: This player made 10th place, not scoring him a position at Nationals, but secured him a box of any current set he wants.
WOW. After playing against a really good Fires deck, I pray that I don't have to face any more for the rest of the tournament.

At this point, Prince RXI (0-4, dropped) wants to go home, but I want to stay. BIG DILEMMA!!!! After, pacing for a while, I ask Sammy Dead-O that, in exchange for some foil goblins and viashinos, would he take my brother home. He smiles and says that he accepts the foils and would've done it for free. So, he takes him home.

Quick Note: Sammy Dead-O did not participate in the tournament because he was too late.
Quick Note: Mr.Pestilence has also dropped at this point, being 1-3 I believe.
Quick Note: Spencer is 2-3 after this round I believe

Round 6: Ransac (3-2) vs. Alex Alford(U/W)
Before the match, we tell each about our favorite Magic sites. I inform him of the CPA and he informs me of 7towers.
Game 1: He parises and gets mana screwed. Airship Flies.
Game 2: He parises, but kills me with rebel beat. The only creatures I get are the rebels I dominate.
Game 3: Once again, rebel beat. That's about it.

After that round, I am in serious need of a mental break. I lie down for about six minutes and start looking through Sammy Dead-O's binder. It seems that he has about 13 Foil Arena Forests.

Round 7: Ransac (3-3) vs. Jaime Salvat(R w/some G)
We talk for a little bit and agree that a game that is good is better than a game that you win.
Game 1: I see a lot of red burn spells, but none of them resolve. I Bribery for Scoria Cat and win with that.
Game 2: After a bad hand in the last game, he plan and simple get the perfect hand for his deck, as he exclaimed, and beats me down.
Game 3: It's a very close game. It came down to him with 5 life and me with 8 life. I had Washed Out his Birds and Elves the previous turn and he just drew a Skizzik, which spells bad for me. I have an Air Elemental and a Rath's Edge in play. He had 6 land in play. He played BOP and I let it resolve. He then smiles and plays the Skizzik. I point out that he shouldn't have cast the birds first and Daze the Skizzik. He scoops.

I get my pride back, but Spencer doesn't. He won the last round, bring him to 3-3, but lost this round(3-4). With no chance at a box anymore, he drops. But, my dream still lives on, briefly.

Round 8: Ransac (4-3) vs. Chris Romeo (G/W)
He says he has an unusual deck, which gives me some hope.
Game 1: He's playing Spiders. My God, my worst nightmare. None of my creatures can get through. To make it worse, he Armadillo cloaks them.
Game 2: See Game 1.
Spiders. Frickin' spiders. I can't believe I got paired against spiders. Well, at 4-4 I should've quit, but I had one more round left in me. Theorgg has just started judging a draft game at this point and says he'll be done around when I am done. He also introduces me to a judge in training, whose name I unfortunately can't remember.

Round 9: Ransac (4-4) vs. Joel Evans (W)
Game 1: Classic Skies beatdown. Airship Flies.
Game 2: Classic Skies meltdown. Story circle sucks.
Game 3: Classic Skies hate crime. Voice of All, not good for me.

Okay, I drop at 4-5. I am disappointed that I didn't keep the promise I made my friends, but I had a great time. I mosey on over to Spencer, who is making a Wildfire deck for when 7th comes in. I realize I need to make a deck and decide on White Control. I had most of the cards I need, except for the following

2 Rout
1 Story Circle
1 Blinding Angel
3 Glorious Anthem
1 Marble Diamond
2 Orim's Chant

Any help would be appreciated.

Theorgg, just finished judging, informs me of a ruling that affected the outcome of a game. I can't remember the ruling, but it involved Storm Cauldron(Theorgg, can you help me out on this?)

Well, Spencer, Theorgg, and I pile into the Mark-mobile and head home, very exhausted. On the way home, Spencer and Theorgg get into an argument over bad tournament/good casual cards. I join in the conversation and I carries until I drop off Theorgg, who wished us good night. I then dropped Spencer home and went to my home, my room, my bed, and promptly fell asleep.

Ransac, CPA trash man

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