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Why you, casual player, should have voted for me
By Vasco Da Gama
(Author's flame-avoiding note: If your friends and associated tell you that you tend to miss sarcasm, you may wish to pretend there are little winky faces after every sentence. Thank you.)

Well, the Writer's War went pretty crappy for me. Didn't get out of the blasted first round. And ya know what? I blame you. Yes, you.

And I'm not referring to the general pool of casual players that frequent this site. I mean you personally. You, in the funny shirt. And your dog. Or cat.

I mean really! I got a whooping 12% of the vote against Darwin Kastle and Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar. OK, maybe Darwin is good for giving you a multitude of goofy decks that happen to work extremely well, and JMS is such a successful PT name, but do they stack up to me? Hardly.

So maybe I don't fit into the 'casual' genre anymore, after providing such cutting edge tech as the Standard-defining Turbliterate deck that broke Meteor Storm to pieces, and the IBC-solving Do Something.dec, which would have really tore up PT Tokyo if anyone had played it. And I may seem to be a bit elitist now that I hang out on the very choosy Star City mailing list, where the top decks are forged and secrecy is enforced by death.

But really, I remain a casual player at heart. I'm so casual, I barely own any cards. And if I do own any cards, they're all crap cards nobody would play in a sanctioned tourney. And they're from Unglued. Or Portal: Three Kingdoms.

I could have campaigned, and tried to flatter you all by giving you a joke or two, and a goofy deck that I just know would appeal to your casual minds. But you didn't vote for me. You voted for writers you thought were better, even though they didn't come throwing you a bone. So I'm not going to give you my latest offbeat combo. Next time you'll know better. Next time, you'll vote Vasco.

Casual Cheers,
Vasco Da Gama -
Team Hacked -

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