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Life - A Poem
By Jensen Bohren
I am a walker
who travels through the Ęther,
gathering the mana
for most of my years.

I encounter another
on a plain.
Our mana base will build
over this long day.

The dual begins
as we think.
I want to summon fungusaur,
yet all I can manage is a hick.

He fries the ann-havvans,
with a bolt from the sky;
I save them with salve,
so I don't watch them die.

A mad goblin he sends
raging for the attack.
Luring the prey,
My fungusaur will slay.

My Fungus will grow larger,
every hit he takes.
The sorcerer Tim
knows what it takes.

My opponent blasts me
with fire from moutains.
Then he channels for mana
much of his life.

A large ball of flame,
growing larger and larger,
flies at me faster
than ever.

My tropical island,
as of yet underused,
gives me the deflection
that I can use.

Now my opponent
has his life force abating,
mana now he cannot control.
magic needs life for control, and his is gone.

I shake my opponent's hand
and say to him, "good game,
my friend, would you like
to play again?"

Magic: The Gathering,
Fantasy card game,
Joins two others
In this eternal game.

-Jensen Bohren

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