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Millitant Themedecking
By Jensen Bohren
"y' wanna play?" he said.
"Sure, what kind of deck you have? I play for fun."
"A theme deck." he replies.

Three bolts, two raging goblins, a goblin grenade, and a fireblast later...

"I thought you said this was a theme deck!" I say
"It is" is his reply, despite the ball lightnings he's thrown down onto the table from his hand while mana-weaving...

Sound familiar? I'm here to tell you about a practice I follow when building theme decks: Millitant Themedecking and Themish Themedecking.

Definitions are in order: Militant themedecking is using cards that are the summon type of your deck(i.e., birds) or VERY closely related in some cases (i.e. falcons, hawks, ernes, et cetera), cards that feature the theme illistrated(coastal piracy), or cards that you can relate to a card due to flavor text, rules text, or Magic fiction(not written by you).
A good example would be:

//NAME: Thrullage
// By Jensen Bohren
// /
// land
19 Swamp
// support
3 Soul Exchange
4 Breeding Pit
// Creatures
4 Thrull Champion
4 Blood Pet
4 Basal Thrull
4 Thrull Surgeon
2 Thrull Wizard
2 Blood Vassal
2 Armor Thrull
2 Morgue Thrull
4 Necrite
4 Mindstab Thrull
2 Derelor

Themeish Themedecking is using mainly cards within your theme, but approximatly 1/3 or so of the deck are cards that just work nicely with the deck. These decks tend to be stronger than the other, though that is not nessissarily the case. Examples would be the making of a pestilence deck. You can't ONLY have cards with a pestilence effect or you would loose as soon as they damaged you. You need sub-themes and support. Mabe regeneration/ pro-black. Pro-black and takklemaggot. Some Toilet Paper for other pro-black creatures, and so on untill you have this:

//NAME: Pestilence
// By Jensen Bohren
// /
// land
12 Snow-Covered Swamp
6 Plains
4 Scrubland
// pestelence
4 Withering Wisps
3 Pestilence
4 Takklemaggot
// support
4 Swords to Plowshares
// pro black creatures
4 Death Speakers
4 White Knight
2 Order of Leitbur
3 Order of the White Shield
3 Disciple of Grace
3 Circle of Protection: Black
3 Soltari Monk
1 Voice of Grace

What are the advantages of adhereing to theese standards? One is not being catagorized as a player that tries to trick his opponant before the match to gain an advantage. In tournaments, this tactic is usable. In fun play, it should never even enter your mind.

My most fun and favorite decks adhere to these two rules. Anyone who has played against my "poker" deck knows this for a fact.

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